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This page was created to figure out how to spend the $3000 grant we are supposed to get from American University. Presumably, if we get further grants or donations, we will also use this page to sort out how to spend that money.

AU grant, $3000

Merchandise, $1650

For $1622 we can buy 200 t-shirts from, which cost $8.11 each. If we sell them for $15 dollars each, after giving away the first 20 shirts to important supporters (core team members should pay the same price as everyone else), we could theoretically make $1078 in profit, if we don't pay any shipping costs. We can then put that profit towards making another round of merchandise in the future, or whatever else the organization needs, without relying on grants.

Mailing expenses, $200

We need to buy a PO box to hold our mail, which should cost $30-60... we should have some money left over to renew the PO box next time around. We also will need stamps, envelopes and stationery to mail official documents about and to send checks to people for reimbursement, etc.

Domain name fund, $150

We should buy the domain for an indefinite period of time, since it is our name. 5-10 years would not be absurd. We should also take the opportunity to renew the domain names for all of our project websites, so long as we want them. Some money should be left over for further domain purchases.

Filing expenses, $100

Florida's annual report fee is $60+, we should leave some for next time.

Money-handling expenses, $100

We should buy the treasurer a checkbook, and cover any bank fees. Whatever is left over should go in the account and never be taken out, to serve as seed money. Hopefully our bank won't require a minimum balance, but if it does this should go toward that.

Propaganda, $800

This is stuff that is like merch, in that it gets our name and our message out there, but we don't sell it: either we give it away or we keep it ourselves. This includes pamphlets and flyers which we might distribute at events. This will also include a couple of professional-quality weatherproof banners which we can hang in front of our booth when we table at events.