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Biotechnology issues are crucial in today's society. Culture is suffering from increased patenting and corporate control.

Imagine a farmer whose family has been farming for generations. Each generation has modified and improved the agricultural techniques of the one before.

Now imagine that a big corporation has decided to patent these same techniques. They deprive the farmers from using their own methods, and they deprive them of their livelihoods. Does society really benefit from this kind of corporate monopoly?

What about the multibillion-dollar pharmaceutical industry? Today, long-lasting pharmaceutical patents preserve drug companies' monopolies for years. This prevents low-cost drugs from being distributed to the people who need them, such as AIDS patients in Africa who can�t afford expensive medications.

Are you frustrated by our current intellectual property laws and the stranglehold big biotechnical industries have on our society?

Do you agree that science should remain as open as possible to promote development, progress, and innovation?

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