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Discussion with Des

I showed Desirina the minutes of the call and this draft, and, since she was there when Gigi, got some feedback that I think could really help us.

She emphasized that we want "specific goals about how we want legislation concerning technology, copyright, and digital policy to shape up." So far we have some very general and vague points, and while we may get across who we are and what we believe, it doesn't communicate a specific tasks for legislators.

She also commented that "we can't be diplomatic." I understand this as meaning that we can't talk circles around politicians and expect them to support our cause -- we have to be direct and clear, so that they can instantly grasp what we want and how they can represent our position.

Personally, I think Des is on the right track, and all of these concerns are some good "food for thought" while we're working on this. I hope I haven't minced her words or intent at all, and if any of this is "out of line," then we can work to help each other understand what we're doing that much better. -- Scudmissile 02:36, 6 Jan 2005 (EST)