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  • Article IV: Membership
    • Section 2. Becoming a Chapter

"mllerustad: RESOLUTION: Board gets seven days to say no to new chapters (III.2)." meaning that they'd be approved by default

with regard to

"christo_ph: gavinbaker: plus, in the future if we decide to have a two-tiered chapter system, having initial approval (for access to digital resources) and then voting approval by the board makes sense"


"The process of registering includes submitting a form containing complete contact information for the official liaison, information regarding the chapter's current membership and status and an endorsement of the Organization's mission. An officer designated by the Executive Director will then interview the chapter contact and present their recommendations to the Executive Director for approval. The Board of Directors may vote, either in an official meeting or via email, to reverse the Executive Director's decision to approve the chapter within seven days of the approval."

--Christopher 10:48, 8 August 2007 (JST)