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Some thoughts

  • Enable, don't restrict
    Get small groups involved through projects, not through structure
    Focus on facilitation, not direction
  • Empower people to be involved at every level
  • Push to help chapters through defining related projects
  • Have a place tomorrow for people to write about what will happen in 5 years; various crafty plans... make this part of the conference discussion.
  • Gather vision statements from people, organize them, give them a place.
  • Training people to lead the organization : this should happen; one person or many? This can start right away, in public, without selecting a Chosen One.


A really small person, working on a really small free culture organization, right here in my pocket. -- Tim Hwang, International Executive Director of the Antenna Alliance
maybe the conversation that happens between coughs in the bathroom are... the right ideas -- Mario Andretti III
crowdsourcing -- Asheesh, many times
maybe Nelson 2.0 is many Nelsons -- Timothy Hwang

workshops tomorrow

  • communication and collaboration