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Here's a list of tasks for the Web Team. If you don't like my naming convention in making this page, well, one of the points below is to establish style guidelines for the wiki. So there.

Please add stuff below.

Web Team members: please move things to your own to-do lists prior to working on a task. In the change summary, say "Task X moved to User:You" (where Task X is the task and User:You is your userpage).

Chapter registration form

  • Automatic subscription to Chapters list
  • Add check box or drop-down menu to subscribe to Discuss list under field for e-mail address
  • Add text above form fields (below "Register Your Chapter With FreeCulture.Org"):

Use this form to register a new Free Culture chapter with (We promise we'll only use your information for internal purposes.)

By filling out this form, you will be subscribed to the Chapters mailing list. The chapters list is specifically for chapter leaders to discuss amongst each other, ask questions, etc.

You may also subscribe to Discuss, a list for discussion among the general public, by checking the appropriate box below.

  • Add headers to form
    • before "Contact Name," add the header Primary Contact Information
    • before "Chapter Name," add the header Chapter Information
    • before "We need T-Shirts," add the header Materials



  • Change the MediaWiki flower logo on the private wiki to the FC.o lego logo used on the public wiki.
  • Enable upload
    • Allow uploads of all recommended filetypes
      • We need to establish which formats these are. -Gavin
  • Write style guidelines
  • Write naming conventions

T-shirt ordering

  • There are no XL size shirts, so please remove that option
  • There's no way to pay for international shipping; please add a button for international orders that charges $27 instead of $20


  • It'd be nice if the site wasn't so "lo-tech", e.g. more integrated with the rest of the site.


  • Make it work


  • Display small graphic for each blog (e.g. photo of author)
  • Display first name, school of each blog


  • Display small graphic per category (a la Slashdot)


Version Control

  • Install CVS / Subversion.
    • J.C.: Install CVS and enforce the use of CVS for all website changes. The intention here is to make sure that we never lose data, and add accountability for website updates. I think the site is just large enough to benefit significantly by this approach. Using a version control system for the web pages adds overhead to designers, but there's no more worry about clobbering a whole host of work on accident through a erroneous install and having to manually restore the site, or simple human error with breaking a script.
    • Abhay: Subversion. My version system of choice.

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