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Syosset Free Culture
name Name::Syosset Free Culture
subdomain Subdomain::syosseths
uri Uri::
blog Blog::
wiki [[Wiki::]]
mailinglist Mailinglist::
# of core members Coremembers::2
Has a budget? Budget::No
Budget size Budgetsize::0
Ship CC goodies? Ship cc::Yes
Ship EFF goodies? Ship eff::Yes
Ship PK goodies? Ship pk::Yes
School School::Syosset High School
Contact Contact::User:Tonyb
Has been reviewed + approved by SFC? Approved by SFC::Yes
Has been approved by the school? Approved by School::No
Is active? Is active::Yes
Last re-registered? Last re-registered::2008-2009

Not an official school club, it's been placed on a "waitlist". Might be able to get official recognition under the umbrella of an existing club. Hopefully will become a subcommittee of something, which would require going through both the club owner and student gov't, but not that bad. Otherwise might have to experiment with doing things as a non-club, which is apparently hard, can't even flyer in the hallways.

Serious web filtering at school, can't get to sites like Wikipedia, Facebook, Slashdot. Maybe organize around that?

If they had official club status, could easily show films on classroom projectors.

Registered for the 2008-2009 school year Tonyb 20:28, 27 July 2008 (EDT)