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Other Groups

Who might we look at for possible structure models?

Debian Project

Student Global AIDS Thingie

LUGs / hobbyist groups

Fraternal / service organizations

(e.g. Lions, Elk, 4-H, Jaycees)

College Democrats / Republicans, etc.

Labor unions

Sierra Students Coalition

Sierra Students Coalition Summary

  • Started in 1991, now has more than 250 chapters - which are 'affiliates', which I presume to be autonomous
  • Shares the Sierra Club Mission and Philosophy
  • Looks like a organization that is very much like FC.o
  • Headquartered in DC, it has chapters nationally and internationally
  • Looks like the Board is composed entirely of students.
    • Not sure if its the official Board of Directors, but looks like it. They declare themselves to be 'student-run'.
    • The Board is elected annually.
  • They also have a hierachy of regional and state coordinators, "to bring together student activists on regional and local issues"
  • I registered with them, should be getting a activist packet soon.

Taken from site:

The SSC is divided into five departments.

1 - Conservation runs all of the SSC’s national campaigns. Currently there are three national conservation priorities: Fair Trade, Forests, and Clean Energy. Each of these issues has a national agenda or strategy, but the campaign is designed to be run on college campuses or in your local community. In the past the conservation department has also run national campaigns on the Arctic, the World Bank, and Wild Utah. The Conservation Department, or Cons-Comm, is always looking for people get involved in these issues.

2 - Networks is the collection of our state networks. These groups work on the state level to bring together student activists on regional and local issues. Most states have a state coordinator. There are four regional coordinators. Each state network has a webpage, available in the lefthand menu.

3 - Trainings teaches the skills we all need to organize. The Trainings Department conducts between 6 - 8 major workshops during the school year and another 5 - 7 during the summer. They also run workshops at major national events like the Public Lands Action Summit and at semi-regular events like the ECOnference.

4 - Outings organizes trips into the wilderness that are open to all SSC members. State networks also take local outings.

5 - Communication is a support department. It maintains this astoundingly cool website, publishes our monthly email newsletter, assists with media relations, and does graphic design work.

A seven person Executive Committee handles budget, Big Issues, and annoying bureaucratic messes. The ExCom is elected every year by the general membership.