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Magnatune is an internet record label which has what we consider to be the best business model on the planet.


  • No DRM
  • Stream all albums in full before buying anything.
  • All music is Creative Commons licensed, so it is legal to share and remix
  • 50% of money goes to artists
  • You get to choose how much you pay for an album, from $5 to $18


  • CDs are not yet available, although they intend to offer CDs once they are able to at low cost.
  • It is a "record label" as opposed to an online music service, so it seems unlikely that you will see indie bands from other labels on Magnatune unless they have non-exclusive contracts.
  • It is a "record label", so it is somewhat elitist I suppose, as in you have to be accepted by the people at Magnatune to sell your stuff on their site. This does keep the music quality up, however, but it might be more free culture-y to let a reputation system filter the junk out.

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