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This is a Core Team meeting in IRC. The Core Team is meeting at 7 PM PDT / 10 PM EST.


Inbox maintenance

We added a couple more people to the SFC newgroup email address on Wednesday. Are more people interested? A big thing email-readers (should we call them the Press Team?) need help with is coming up with canned responses for FAQs. Write and edit away!

Chapter approval

We should designate people/come up with standards for designating people as chapter approvers. By the bylaws it's the Coordinator's job to approve chapters, but since we don't have one the Core Team seems like as good a replacement as any. As with the Coordinator, all approvals are subject to the discretion of the Board.

People who want to be able to approve chapters:

  • Conley
  • Karen

We will vote to give these candidates "approval power" for chapters. Currently the only people with approval power are the Board (presumably) and Nelson, which creates a bit of a bottleneck.

Chapter Kickstarter updates

Send in your event writeups!

Latest version of print version: activistpacket.odt


Karen has been chairing, and parker has been vice-chairing for awhile. i don't know if it's been the mandated 4 months (sorry i don't have time to very that timelength against the bylaws, but that's what i remember). the point is that i'm ready to relinquish my responsibility so that i can focus on organizing the web team. is it time to elect new officers? --Parker

Free Culture News

  • Should it be separate from the FC blog?
  • Should it be separate from the FC domain?

Facebook + social networking

  • How can we improve SFC's Facebook presence?
  • What about other social networks?


Attendance: conley, sarahcasm, skyfaller, mllerustad, pyrak

  • Reminder: if you want SFC email access, here are instructions, ask Nelson for the password.
    • Parker volunteers
  • Reminder: event writeups!
    • Nelson pledges to write one, Parker might
  • Approving official chapter approvers
    • Parker, Karen, and Conley all unanimously elected to approve new chapters
  • New Core Team elections soon OMG!
    • Karen will be ineligible due to lack of student-hood
    • Parker wants to focus on leading the Webteam
    • Conley is crazy busy with his local chapter and other things...
    • ...anybody else?
  • Attendance at Core Team meetings
    • How do we improve it?
      • Recommend/make new chapters attend a Core Team meeting
        • Remind them of the next one when we approve them
      • Make a new push for old chapters to send members
        • Explicitly remind them to tell their members about it
        • Have a couple "town hall" meetings devoted to brainstorming activism/new campaign ideas
        • Get MIT to show up and talk about YouTomb!
        • Talk about re-registration--all chapters need to do it!
      • Call/IM people to show up
        • Because people are dumb when it comes to email. :p
      • What day/time should this meeting be?
        • July 6, 4 PM EST / 1 PM PST
        • Second meeting: we can do a Doodle poll to see when would be ideal.
  • Free Culture News
    • Set up by Free Culture VT
    • Has news related to free culture issues (as opposed to SFC the org)
    • On the one hand, we want more posts on the SFC blog
    • But on the other, these posts are mostly just links to news, as opposed to involved commentary
    • Also, it's open non-students to post, good way to get them involved since there isn't a viable non-students or alumni org (yet?)
      • We could have guest-bloggers from CC/EFF/SPARC/etc!
    • We'll keep it as a separate site, but move it to our webhost and link to it
    • Just gotta make sure it doesn't suck away authors/commentary from the SFC blog.