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This is a Core Team meeting in IRC.



If you put your ?def into jibot, it makes introductions go a LOT faster. If you have no idea what this means, we'll explain in the meeting :)

Sparky Awards conference call

Sparky Awards are happening again, and SPARC wants SFC's input. We need to pick someone who can commit to attending. If you're interested in coming, mark your availability here.

Happy Birthday SFC!

Students for Free Culture's birthday is on April 23. Do we want to do something special? What, if so?

Website content

A lot of the pages on the website are really old--like years. Someone should go through and write new content.

Project Management Software


New Business

What didn't we get to cover this meeting that should be placed on the agenda for next meeting? (This is a good way to make these agendas more participatory.)


2008-04-06/Log - IRC Log.