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A list organizations that work in the areas of of free culture and open access.

  • Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF) is a nonprofit group of lawyers, technologists, and everyday people working to protect our digital rights.
  • Public Knowledge is an advocacy group working to defend our rights in the emerging digital culture.
  • Creative Commons presents an voluntary licensing system for copyright, the Creative Commons licences, which allow collobaration among artists across the world.
  • Downhill Battle works to end the major label monopoly on music.
  • IPac is a political action committee dedicated to preserving individual freedom through balanced intellectual property policy.
  • Wikimedia's various projects focus on citizen journalism.
  • Teleread advocates "Well-Stocked National Digital Libraries".
  • Click the Vote is an independent grassroots non-profit group fighting for new technology user rights.

Free Software

  • Free Software Foundation (FSF) is the birthplace of the free software movement. Approaches the issue of software from the perspective of freedom.
  • Open Source Iniative maintains the Open Source Definition. Approaches the issue of software from a more practical perspective.

Other Student Groups

Other student groups who touch on the free culture sphere of issues, whether activist groups or pre-professional clubs.

UN Agencies

Industry and Professional Associations


Think Tanks

Think tanks who have said something about free culture issues.




Blogs and News

  • Copyfight is a copyright & "IP" law news blog.
  • Slashdot is a general technology blog ("News for Nerds") which often touches on copyright and patent issues.
  • LawMeme is a "law and technology weblog affiliated with Yale Law School".
  • boing boing is an enigma which sometimes covers free culture issues.



Here are some people who often make headlines regarding free culture issues.

  • Lawrence Lessig is the author of Free Culture, a professor at Stanford Law School, chair of Creative Commons and a boardmember of the EFF.
  • Richard Stallman is president of the Free Software Foundation and founder of the GNU Project.


Lectures and Presentations


Open Content

Copyright Law

Academic Centers

These are programs at universities which study topics related to free culture.


Activist Tools

Youth Activism