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Core Team meeting log

22:01:14 <mllerustad>	So, Core Team meeting?
22:01:20 <pyrak>	yar
22:01:35 *	mllerustad has changed the topic to: Students for Free Culture | |
22:01:44 <montagg>	pyrak: I googled "self help haircut" and got Not sure if that's what you're looking for or not.
22:02:05 <mllerustad>	The agenda as it stands is at, if people want to look at it.
22:02:15 <mllerustad>	Is anyone up for taking minutes and attendance?
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22:03:38 <mllerustad>	skyfaller_ppc said he would, but he hasn't gotten home yet it looks like... if someone wants to take minutes until he gets here, that would be superb.
22:04:04 <pyrak>	montagg, not quite what i was looking for... but it makes me want to hug a sunflower
22:04:18 <skyfaller_ppc>	mllerustad: actually, I just got back
22:04:36 <skyfaller_ppc>	so I can take minutes since nobody else is stepping up
22:05:26 <mllerustad>	skyfaller_ppc: okay!
22:05:29 <mllerustad>	hooray!
22:05:52 <mllerustad>	Well, let's see who's here, in alphabetical order. _sj_ ?
22:06:19 <skyfaller_ppc>	abhay_: ?
22:06:23 <skyfaller_ppc>	christine ?
22:06:26 <skyfaller_ppc>	conley: ?
22:06:34 <mllerustad>	danjared: ?
22:06:38 <skyfaller_ppc>	grahl: ?
22:06:44 <grahl>	skyfaller_ppc: aye
22:06:46 <mllerustad>	jibot ? ;)
22:06:53 <skyfaller_ppc>	w00t someone is attending
22:06:58 <mllerustad>	grahl: Care to introduce yourself to the group? :)
22:07:25 <skyfaller_ppc>	?def grahl 
22:07:26 *	Sparragus_ is now known as Sparragus
22:07:27 <jibot>	Sparragus is Richard from FC @ University of Puerto Rico at Mayaguez :)
22:07:27 <jibot>	grahl is from Florida Free Culture and blogs at
22:07:34 <grahl>	Hi group, I'm Hendrik Grahl, President of Florida Free Culture (we are at U of Florida, Gainesville)
22:07:50 <skyfaller_ppc>	?def grahl is Hendrik Grahl
22:07:52 <jibot>	grahl is from Florida Free Culture and blogs at and Hendrik Grahl
22:08:00 <pyrak>	i'm also, here, but will brb
22:08:02 <pyrak>	?def pyrak
22:08:02 <jibot>	pyrak is parker phinney & & head of chadwick free culture & a highschool senior & a webteam member
22:08:09 <skyfaller_ppc>	?def grahl is president of Florida Free Culture
22:08:09 <jibot>	grahl is from Florida Free Culture and blogs at and Hendrik Grahl and president of Florida Free Culture
22:08:10 <mllerustad>	sweet, johnsu01 ? K`Tetch ?
22:08:39 <mllerustad>	m3cr3d1s ? mark007 ? 
22:08:58 <mllerustad>	Well, I'll go.
22:09:18 <mllerustad>	I'm Karen Rustad, from Free Culture 5C in Claremont, CA.
22:09:24 <skyfaller_ppc>	?def mllerustad 
22:09:24 <jibot>	mllerustad is a music nerd and Karen Rustad and a student at Scripps College in Claremont, CA and on's board
22:09:34 <skyfaller_ppc>	?forget mllerustad is on's board
22:09:34 <jibot>	I now only know that mllerustad is a music nerd and Karen Rustad and a student at Scripps College in Claremont, CA
22:09:44 <mllerustad>	Heh.
22:10:07 <skyfaller_ppc>	?def mllerustad is founder of Free Culture 5C
22:10:07 <jibot>	mllerustad is a music nerd and Karen Rustad and a student at Scripps College in Claremont, CA and founder of Free Culture 5C
22:10:11 <mllerustad>	montagg ? Neskaya ? otho ? paulproteus ?
22:10:38 <mllerustad>	poningru: ?
22:11:01 <mllerustad>	We know pyrak's here... skyfaller_ppc ?
22:11:10 <skyfaller_ppc>	?def skyfaller 
22:11:10 <jibot>	skyfaller is Nelson Pavlosky & has a blog at & was an intern at the EFF & was a victorious plaintiff in the Diebold case & claims to be a descendent of the Earl of Fruit & a 1L at George Mason Law & co-founder of Students for Free Culture
22:11:14 <mllerustad>	:)
22:11:25 <skyfaller_ppc>	Jibot makes introductions quicker :)
22:11:29 <mllerustad>	True!
22:11:41 <mllerustad>	But I don't want to do it to people who we don't know if they're paying attention.
22:11:52 <skyfaller_ppc>	yeah, they have to def themselves :)
22:12:09 <skyfaller_ppc>	sorbix: ?
22:12:13 <sorbix>	im here
22:12:16 <sorbix>	?def sorbix
22:12:16 <jibot>	sorbix is Alex Kozak, UC Berkeley Philosophy student
22:12:32 <skyfaller_ppc>	Sparragus: ?
22:12:36 <Sparragus>	Here
22:12:44 <Sparragus>	?def Sparragus
22:12:44 <jibot>	Sparragus is Richard from FC @ University of Puerto Rico at Mayaguez :)
22:12:52 <skyfaller_ppc>	hi Richard!  welcome to the team :)
22:12:57 <Sparragus>	Im also Vice President of the chapter
22:13:00 <skyfaller_ppc>	tvol: ?  xipietotec ?
22:13:04 <Sparragus>	:) Thank you.
22:13:23 <K`Tetch>	did smeone want me?
22:13:28 <K`Tetch>	mllerustad?
22:13:29 <skyfaller_ppc>	?Def Sparragus is Vice President of Free Culture @ UPRM
22:13:29 <jibot>	Sparragus is Richard from FC @ University of Puerto Rico at Mayaguez :) and Vice President of Free Culture @ UPRM
22:13:49 <skyfaller_ppc>	K`Tetch: just wondering if you were attending the meeting, but it doesn't matter since you're not a member of a chapter
22:14:00 <skyfaller_ppc>	?def K`Tetch 
22:14:00 <jibot>	K`Tetch is the administrator of the US Pirate Party (
22:14:12 <skyfaller_ppc>	but we're glad to have you around anyway ^_^
22:14:33 <skyfaller_ppc>	alright, I think we're done with attendance
22:14:37 <skyfaller_ppc>	what's next, mllerustad ?
22:14:50 <K`Tetch>	ah ok skyfaller_ppc
22:14:52 <mllerustad>	Alright, I guess we can get to goals.
22:15:05 *	skyfaller ( has joined #freeculture
22:15:05 <jibot>	skyfaller is Nelson Pavlosky & has a blog at & was an intern at the EFF & was a victorious plaintiff in the Diebold case & claims to be a descendent of the Earl of Fruit & a 1L at George Mason Law & co-founder of Students for Free Culture
22:15:29 <mllerustad>	The duties of the Core Team are pretty broad... we basically decide what the org's projects should be, what we want volunteers to focus on, whether to join campaigns, etc etc.
22:15:46 <mllerustad>	So what do people think our general goals should be for this semester?
22:16:08 <sorbix>	Well apparently not getting Lessig into office.
22:16:11 <skyfaller>	Gavin Baker had some edifying thoughts:
22:16:17 <skyfaller>	sorbix: yeah, sadly enough
22:16:35 <mllerustad>	sorbix, skyfaller: hm?
22:16:44 <skyfaller>	dunno if that would have been a good idea for SFC to get involved with that officially though anyway
22:16:58 <skyfaller>	mllerustad: Lessig announced that he is not running for Congress
22:17:03 <mllerustad>	Aww, poop.
22:17:16 *	mllerustad holds out for Attorney General
22:17:25 <K`Tetch>	said he didn't think he could do it, and a failed bid would harm his new project
22:17:29 <montagg>	mllerustad:
22:18:09 <skyfaller>	what do people think of Gavin's post?  do people generally agree with his take on organizational priorities?  what didn't Gavin cover that we need to think about?
22:18:42 <skyfaller>	for people too lazy to click the link, his bullet points were:
22:18:49 <skyfaller>	(0) Incorporate
22:18:57 <skyfaller>	(1) Get funding and hire a Coordinator
22:19:06 <skyfaller>	(2) Pursue 501(c)3 status
22:19:18 <skyfaller>	(3) increase communication between chapters
22:19:40 <skyfaller>	(4) Increase volunteerism and participation in governance (of SFC)
22:20:00 <skyfaller>	(5) Develop strategies to assist the growth and sustainable development of chapters
22:20:09 <pyrak>	4 should be above 1
22:20:18 <pyrak>	right?
22:20:18 <skyfaller>	(6) develop strategies to increase our profile and influence off-campus
22:20:23 <sorbix>	I don't know how much my opinion matters, but it seems to me that building up the institutional aspect of the organization is important and needed, which means incorporating and attempting to have some sort of staff.  The only other national student org I've had contact with went through this, and are quite strong because of it.
22:20:32 <mllerustad>	I dunno if these are in order of priority, but yeah.
22:20:33 <Sparragus>	Well, regarding on #1 bullet 4 (too few chapters are ever started....) At Puerto Rico the movement seems to be growing quicker than we expected. We just found out that the CC license was written for our Jurisdiction on another campus from the University system. This caught us by surprise. Therefore, we are looking forward of spreading the voice and help build new chapters around.
22:20:45 <skyfaller>	Gavin thinks these are in order of priority, but we don't have to agree
22:21:07 <sorbix>	Institutional strength ought to be a priority, but thats advice from the outside... I'm still in the process of getting the Berkeley chapter organized.
22:21:12 <mllerustad>	I guess my question is--is it the Core Team's job to work on incorporation/501(c)3?
22:21:26 <mllerustad>	It seems like the Board has asserted responsibility for that...
22:21:46 <skyfaller>	mllerustad: well, the Board hasn't delegated any responsibility to us, but the Core Team shouldn't wait for the Board to tell it to do things
22:21:49 <mllerustad>	I could see us maybe having a role in writing grant proposals and such, but incorporation is so structural it would at the least need Board approval, I think.
22:22:07 <skyfaller>	the Core Team directly represents the chapters, so if it sees a need to take action it should feel free to unless the Board vetos it
22:22:12 <mllerustad>	skyfaller: perhaps not
22:22:14 <sorbix>	and it involves writing charters and such
22:22:44 <mllerustad>	but I think I agree with others that the first would be communication/volunteerism/chapter growth.
22:22:51 <mllerustad>	I mean, those other steps are really mostly means to that end.
22:22:57 <skyfaller>	the Core Team doesn't officially exist until our second meeting, but after that the Core Team should feel free to make binding decisions, I think
22:23:31 <skyfaller>	mllerustad: the reason that Gavin prioritized incorporation and hiring a Coordinator is that a good Coordinator could help a lot with communication
22:23:37 <skyfaller>	and just about everything else
22:23:46 <sorbix>	BTW I'm willing to help with forming the non-profit if anyone needs it.  I've always wanted to learn the process of doing something like that.
22:23:48 <mllerustad>	skyfaller: sure, but we need communication/etc. to have the resources to hire a coordinator :p
22:23:56 <skyfaller>	mllerustad: fair enough :)
22:24:05 <skyfaller>	sorbix: thanks for the volunteering :)
22:24:18 <mllerustad>	Maybe a better way to phrase this would be: where do we want to be in May?
22:24:38 <mllerustad>	Obviously the Core Team's gonna be around long after that, but speaking just for this semester, what do people think we can and should get accomplished?
22:26:00 <mllerustad>	(this may partially be moving from goals to specific projects, given the time scale involved)
22:27:10 <skyfaller>	I think that interchapter communication is a good thing to focus on, but I think we should also try to support the Board in incorporation + 501(c)3 and all that
22:27:22 <skyfaller>	and make sure that they are moving forward on that
22:27:42 <skyfaller>	you have to hold your elected representatives accountable and make sure they're doing what you want ;-)
22:27:47 <mllerustad>	Sure, I'd just like to have them tell us what to do on that, to some extent. I don't know any lawyers who might help, for instance. Elizabeth and Fred may.
22:27:54 <pyrak>	we've touched on ideas for systems where chapters check in with national after/during events
22:28:04 <pyrak>	so that other chapters don't have to re-invent the wheel
22:28:06 <sorbix>	skyfaller, are you planning on working on incorporation or who would be the one focusing on that?
22:28:14 <pyrak>	and also so that others can see what they're doing and be inspired
22:28:28 <Sparragus>	I've been visiting chapters blogs, and most of them seem dead. Dead chapters mean inactivity. Perhaps a list of suggested activities for each chapter should be written. This would be great for new chapter, which perhaps may have a hard time establishing themselves in their university. This will also bring the need to increase chapters communications.
22:28:34 <mllerustad>	One goal I would have would be  having a basic activist packet/"how to start a chapter" kit organized and available so that new chapters can use it next fall
22:28:42 <Sparragus>	Exactly!
22:28:42 <skyfaller>	Sparragus: yes, that is a definite thing that needs to happen
22:28:42 <pyrak>	i suppose we do this informally through the blog aggregation, formerly through discuss (until the NYU episode)
22:28:58 <mllerustad>	pyrak: I think if we can get chapters to report back, that would give us a lot of springboards for new chapters to work on, and we could incorporate them into that packet
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22:29:10 <skyfaller>	pyrak: no, we never promoted chapter events through discuss
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22:29:32 <mllerustad>	So event ideas, sample flyers, basic "how to organize people" ideas, a Free Culture pamphlet...
22:29:40 *	gamerchick02 ( has joined #freeculture
22:29:58 <mllerustad>	pyrak, skyfaller: would that be the purpose of the chapters list, perhaps?
22:30:09 <skyfaller>	one thing that I think would be REALLY valuable is a "free culture reporter", a person or group of people who go around and try to report on internal happenings
22:30:26 <skyfaller>	rather than relying on the chapters entirely to self-report
22:30:28 <sorbix>	mllerustad, who would aggregate the information and make sure its *good* information?  does FreeCulture have an advisor for that kind of thing?
22:30:29 *	gamerchick02 ( has left #freeculture
22:30:29 <mllerustad>	skyfaller: you're taking notes, correct? ;)
22:30:41 <skyfaller>	some people are bad at self-reporting
22:30:47 <grahl>	if there is an easy way to manage binary files like graphics for flyers to package etc easily that would be great, i definitely noticed that that can be difficult
22:30:50 <mllerustad>	sorbix: the Volunteers Team! (us/other people who are interested)
22:30:51 <skyfaller>	mllerustad: erm, lol, sort of.... I'll catch up on that
22:30:55 <pyrak>	skyfaller, neat idea
22:30:59 <pyrak>	re: reporter
22:31:03 <Sparragus>	A free culture pamphlet would be highly beneficial. Perhaps placing the manifesto in a well designed and attractive pamplhet would be a kick starter for a chapterfor them to promote themselves quickly. Quantity of members is important. The more members a chapter has the more motivated people are.
22:31:20 <skyfaller>	grahl: yeah, we have a crappy "Fliers" page on the wiki, but fleshing that out with more examples in easily editable formats would be really handy
22:31:21 <mllerustad>	Yeah... we should see if we could ask a couple people to volunteer to do that (be FC reporters).
22:31:31 <sorbix>	mllerustad, i think a good idea would be to try and get in contact with other national student organizations and share ideas like that.
22:31:58 <mllerustad>	Sparragus: agreed!
22:32:24 <mllerustad>	sorbix: Certainly on basic "how to be an activist" stuff... that's definitely something that's been missing from previous attempts
22:32:42 <mllerustad>	But I do think that specific event suggestions/etc will have to be done ourselves.
22:32:43 <sorbix>	and they may have some interesting organizational ideas as well.
22:33:04 <pyrak>	in writing prop, it
22:33:18 <pyrak>	's also important to focus on specific examples
22:33:38 <mllerustad>	pyrak: hm?
22:34:19 <pyrak>	ie: "hidden costs of sqitching to zune" instead of "DRM issue"
22:34:21 <grahl>	i noticed that i personally am hesitant to post on the chapter blog except for our events, but i'd probably be better to address anything campus related, simply to increase visibility. other chapters might have the same reservations.
22:34:37 <mllerustad>	pyrak: ah, yes :)
22:34:39 <pyrak>	of course mention the real vocab, but the specific examples need to be there for laypersons as "hooks"
22:35:17 <mllerustad>	grahl: hmm...
22:35:30 <mllerustad>	what if we had an informal competition to promote chapter blogging?
22:35:38 <mllerustad>	like, the FC blog-a-thon?
22:35:39 <skyfaller>	lol! 
22:35:49 <grahl>	hehe, neat
22:36:11 <mllerustad>	just to get people used to writing on it and reading each other's stuff, and using them not just as advertising but for discussion
22:36:12 <pyrak>	i think i need to just hide my chapter's blog and go back to the wiki, which is less time-sensitive
22:36:17 <skyfaller>	grahl: yeah, I think it would be good to encourage chapters to not only blog about events they are definitely going to do, but also things they are thinking of doing, and things they've already done (post-mortems would be useful for other chapters)
22:36:26 <sorbix>	is the goal of blogging for wide exposure to non-FC members, or to encourage inter-FC communication?
22:36:33 <skyfaller>	pyrak: but then it's hard for people to receive updates of what you're doing
22:36:37 <mllerustad>	sorbix: Some of both, really.
22:36:44 <skyfaller>	pyrak: it's not convenient for people to dig through your wiki to hear about your operations
22:37:00 <mllerustad>	It's for ourselves, for potential future chapter leaders, and for the broader public and advertising.
22:37:08 <grahl>	many chapters also have announce lists
22:37:24 <skyfaller>	pyrak: your wiki is for internal communications within your chapter, but the point is that we need to communicate more with other chapters and the outside world
22:37:41 <skyfaller>	grahl: one thing we could do is automatically push blog posts to the chapter's announce lists
22:37:46 <skyfaller>	so that you get both done in one go
22:37:57 <skyfaller>	we already do that for the FC.o blog and the discuss list
22:38:02 <mllerustad>	skyfaller: do we have the technical abilities to set that up for chapters?
22:38:12 <skyfaller>	mllerustad: sure, someone would just have to actually do it :P
22:38:15 <mllerustad>	skyfaller: and if so, on just blogs we host or other hosts as well?
22:38:22 <skyfaller>	mllerustad: both
22:38:28 <mllerustad>	skyfaller: right, this isn't a volunteer meeting (yet)
22:38:30 <mllerustad>	just asking!
22:38:36 <Sparragus>	Personally, we blog about everything. Mainly to educate the academic community. Like Lessig for congress, open source news, CC licenses. We also blog about our events, but really, thats just minimal compared to free culture news
22:38:38 <skyfaller>	mllerustad: obviously if your blog becomes inaccessible for some reason, then it won't work
22:38:54 <skyfaller>	Sparragus: I think it's really important to blog about local chapter stuff on your local chapter blog
22:39:09 <skyfaller>	Sparragus: I'd actually like to push people to blog about general free culture news on the global blog at FC.o
22:39:10 <grahl>	skyfaller: automation would be great
22:39:16 <mllerustad>	skyfaller: I dunno, I think local perspectives on national things are useful
22:39:26 <mllerustad>	and people may or may not want to grab a national megaphone all the time
22:39:34 <skyfaller>	mllerustad: agreed, and it's not really a huge difference where they blog stuff
22:39:42 <skyfaller>	mllerustad: as long as it gets blogged, we'll see it either way
22:39:49 <mllerustad>	Sparragus: just keep blogging! :)
22:39:51 <Sparragus>	We do, but we are not even a month old, so chapters news are minimal.
22:39:54 <skyfaller>	mllerustad: but I generally want to encourage more activity on the global blog
22:40:06 <Sparragus>	We got a busy schedule ahead, so those post will start to come eventually.
22:40:17 <skyfaller>	Sparragus: maybe what I meant to say is, if you like blogging, let me give you an account on the global blog :)
22:40:37 <Sparragus>	Sure :)
22:40:50 <mllerustad>	skyfaller: Okay, so encouraging blogging locally and nationally to improve communication: should that be a semester goal?
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22:41:04 *	Now talking on #freeculture
22:41:04 *	Topic for #freeculture is: Students for Free Culture | |
22:41:04 *	Topic for #freeculture set by mllerustad at Mon Feb 25 22:01:35 2008
22:41:14 <skyfaller>	mllerustad: yes
22:41:17 <Sparragus>	Yes
22:41:23 <mllerustad>	skyfaller: Okay, write that down ;)
22:41:24 <Sparragus>	Perhaps a Podcast
22:41:31 <Sparragus>	Thatll be possibly better yet
22:41:33 <skyfaller>	mllerustad: and I think the blog-a-thon would be a really interesting idea
22:41:52 <skyfaller>	Sparragus: that would be more work than blogging I think
22:41:56 <Sparragus>	Free Culture Public Radio
22:42:00 <skyfaller>	Sparragus: but it could very well be worth doing
22:42:05 <Sparragus>	Yes, but look at this.
22:42:11 <Sparragus>	Make like public radio
22:42:18 <Sparragus>	Each chapter does its own epsode
22:42:22 <Sparragus>	Uploads it
22:42:27 <Sparragus>	Goes thru approval
22:42:38 <Sparragus>	And if its worth gets published
22:42:42 <mllerustad>	:)
22:42:47 <pyrak>	i'd like to see more announcements about what companies, support free culture issues
22:42:47 <skyfaller_ppc>	hm... that does sound like fun :)
22:42:59 <Sparragus>	That way we can reach not just already existing chapters, but the whole internet
22:42:59 <mllerustad>	I think that would be cool, but I dunno if we'd be able to do that this semester.
22:43:00 <skyfaller_ppc>	maybe if we have blogging success we can try the podcast?
22:43:06 <Sparragus>	an example is this...
22:43:07 <pyrak>	like, perhaps a blog post about "alternatives to itunes music store" that includes emusic, jamendo
22:43:19 <Sparragus>
22:43:28 <mllerustad>	First I want chapters to package up their events for other people to re-create :)
22:43:42 <skyfaller_ppc>	is there a good way to do a blog-a-thon?  that might be a good thing to try before a podcast, which would be a more ambitious project
22:43:50 <mllerustad>	pyrak: agreed
22:44:04 <mllerustad>	pyrak: You can camp that topic for our theoretical blog-a-thon! ;)
22:44:11 <pyrak>	i don't know why my examples revolve around itunes tonight :/
22:44:20 *	pyrak stakes a claim
22:44:23 <mllerustad>	:)
22:44:26 <Sparragus>	he
22:44:31 <grahl>	mllerustad: the "package" should specifically address which efforts didn't seem to help much for a particular event
22:44:44 <mllerustad>	Something that pyrak brought up on the agenda that I'd like to mention here is overhauling/cleaning up the wiki.
22:44:49 <sorbix>	it would be great to be incorporated before an event like that so it might raise initial money for the organization.  it might be a good incorporation party type thing :P
22:45:03 <mllerustad>	We've got a decent amount of chapter resources on there, but they're scattered across many pages, many of which are orphaned
22:45:11 <sorbix>	if it were big, it might get a lot of attention
22:45:23 <mllerustad>	If we could organize those and update them, that would be a great start to a FC activist packet.
22:45:44 <sorbix>	(sorry to jump back a few minutes)
22:45:45 <grahl>	that brings up also the problem of information fragmentation between national and chapter wikis
22:45:56 <m3cr3d1s>	yo
22:46:05 <skyfaller_ppc>	m3cr3d1s: howdy ^_^
22:46:05 *	m3cr3d1s is back from FC @# NYU
22:46:21 <skyfaller_ppc>	m3cr3d1s: glad you could join us
22:46:44 <m3cr3d1s>	HERE I AM
22:46:59 <m3cr3d1s>	I AM SPARTICUS
22:46:59 <pyrak>	also, re: wiki, notice the new skin :)  if you're logged in, change your prefs or log out to see it
22:47:03 <m3cr3d1s>	oops wrong window
22:47:10 <mllerustad>	lol
22:47:23 <Sparragus>	Who ever did the new skin, me like it.
22:47:26 *	mllerustad admires the skin
22:47:32 <pyrak>	the thinking is that now we can link to wiki pages in, say, blog posts, and visitors won't feel like they've stumbled into some scary back-end organizational site
22:47:35 <skyfaller_ppc>	Sparragus: pyrak did it!  give him the props
22:47:46 <skyfaller_ppc>	pyrak: but first it needs to be cleaned up :P
22:47:47 <mllerustad>	*round of applause*
22:48:00 <m3cr3d1s>	why are we using FDL for our license on there?
22:48:03 <Sparragus>	Nice job!
22:48:06 <skyfaller_ppc>	grahl: I agree that info fragmentation btw/ chapter wikis and the global wiki is a problem
22:48:30 <skyfaller_ppc>	m3cr3d1s: inertia, that's just what we've always used... no reason it couldn't be a CC-license, but I don't see a huge diff
22:48:39 <grahl>	skyfaller_ppc: i also noticed differing google ranks between the wikis can cause confusion
22:48:54 <m3cr3d1s>	skyfaller_ppc: CC is more compatible / available in more languages / generally better for wikis
22:48:55 <skyfaller_ppc>	grahl: what do you mean?
22:49:06 <pyrak>	:) re: wiki skin pwning
22:49:13 <mllerustad>	Okay, we've got like ten minutes left... I really want to keep this to an hour, so people interested in volunteering for projects can talk/volunteer afterwards.
22:49:25 <m3cr3d1s>	I'll makes ure to bring it up with the baord
22:49:37 <mllerustad>	The last major issue on the agenda is the Core Team chair/vice-chair.
22:49:44 <skyfaller_ppc>	m3cr3d1s: fair enough... the Board should talk about general guidelines for licensing at some point, draw up an official document
22:49:52 <mllerustad>	Next meeting, at least a few of us will be eligible to vote for a chair and vice-chair.
22:49:53 <grahl>	skyfaller_ppc: for example, the was a page on icarus on the national wiki (orphaned) but nobody could find it on the ffc wiki since that was way down in google's results
22:49:56 <m3cr3d1s>	it's in the bylaws
22:49:58 <Sparragus>	Im in for bloggin and helping to develop the "New Free Culture Chapter Kickstarter package"
22:50:18 <mllerustad>	Basically, the chairs are responsible for organizing meetings, with the VC mostly responsible for taking minutes.
22:50:21 <skyfaller_ppc>	m3cr3d1s: oh lol, that's right... we already executed my desires :)
22:50:38 <skyfaller_ppc>	m3cr3d1s: wait, did we?
22:50:43 <skyfaller_ppc>	m3cr3d1s: give me a cite
22:50:49 <mllerustad>	I'm wondering who might be interested in being a chair, or at least getting that out there so we can elect Fearless Leaders next meeting :)
22:50:54 <skyfaller_ppc>	m3cr3d1s: I think we didn't end up including that
22:51:08 <skyfaller_ppc>	m3cr3d1s: we decided it would be better as a changeable board policy
22:51:15 <m3cr3d1s>	OK we'll get to it
22:51:30 <skyfaller_ppc>	m3cr3d1s: b/c amending the bylaws every time a new version of the GPL comes out or something seems inefficient
22:51:38 <mllerustad>	hey, skyfaller_ppc, m3cr3d1s, could we get back on track? :)
22:51:52 <m3cr3d1s>	No problem
22:51:59 <m3cr3d1s>	fyi new chapter pages are hanging around the wiki
22:52:00 <m3cr3d1s>
22:52:01 <mllerustad>	I'm asking who might be interested in being the Core Team chair or vice-chair.
22:52:16 <skyfaller_ppc>	m3cr3d1s: yeah, but they're terrible, need to be thrown out and rewritten
22:52:26 <mllerustad>	skyfaller_ppc : ...
22:52:39 <m3cr3d1s>
22:52:53 <mllerustad>	I'd be interested in chairing, but I wouldn't want to do it alone.
22:53:10 <mllerustad>	Obviously people can think about it, they don't have to throw their hat in now.
22:53:17 <mllerustad>	But I thought it would be worth thinking about.
22:53:27 <mllerustad>	It's not a huge amount of responsibility, but it is important.
22:53:48 <mllerustad>	If no one organizes meetings/sends out reminders, things won't get decided. If no one takes notes, no one knows *what* got decided.
22:54:06 <skyfaller_ppc>	if you're interested in chair/vice chair, think about it for next meeting
22:54:40 <mllerustad>	:)
22:54:48 <mllerustad>	skyfaller_ppc: how are minutes coming along? :)
22:55:25 <skyfaller_ppc>	mllerustad: I'm a little behind, about half way through the logs, but they'll be done at meeting's end
22:55:48 <mllerustad>	Okay.
22:56:03 <mllerustad>	Just want to have those visible in five minutes.
22:56:15 <skyfaller_ppc>	hm, one thing I want to do in future meetings is take collaborative minutes through Gobby, but we can discuss that another time.... it needs a good OS X version
22:56:44 <mllerustad>	Then we can see if people want to volunteer for things related to those goals/projects... and what other things people are interested in doing
22:56:55 <mllerustad>	But yeah.
22:57:08 <mllerustad>	Any other questions/concerns/good jokes for these last couple minutes?
22:57:26 <pyrak>	i'm currently reading "getting things done"
22:57:33 <mllerustad>	pyrak: good book :)
22:57:35 <skyfaller_ppc>	pyrak: w00t
22:57:43 <grahl>	<offtopic>could we get that custom wiki theme on the chapter wikis, too?</offtopic>
22:57:44 <pyrak>	and i'm thinking about how we ought to take our ideas and turn them from "stuff" to "actions"
22:57:44 <Sparragus>	Yes...I have an annoucement...
22:57:45 <pyrak>	i
22:57:55 <skyfaller_ppc>	pyrak: would you be interested in helping to test/develop our project management software?
22:58:08 <skyfaller_ppc>	pyrak: I've been working with Christina Ducruet on that off-and-on
22:58:10 <pyrak>	skyfaller_ppc, i was just going to suggest that we have some :P
22:58:27 <skyfaller_ppc>	pyrak: we just grabbed a basecamp account temporarily, but we need to work on a free software solution
22:58:37 <pyrak>	skyfaller_ppc, sure.
22:58:52 <mllerustad>	grahl: perhaps! you'd have to ask pyrak and paulproteus I imagine, since they did the skin and the wiki farm...
22:58:58 <skyfaller_ppc>	pyrak: I'll give you access to Basecamp, so that you can compare it to the FOSS alternatives and use it until we get one installed
22:59:08 <pyrak>	skyfaller_ppc, kk
22:59:34 <mllerustad>	Sparragus: you have an announcement?
23:00:06 <Sparragus>	Last Friday, the Law School of UPR-Rio Piedras released the CC Licenses for Puerto Rico. This is great news for us. It shows advance towards creating a free culture here. We were honored to have to great figures of CC International, Joi Ito, Chair of CC Int. and Katherina Morocke (I think its that) Director of CC Int. Check it out.
23:00:22 <skyfaller_ppc>	hooray!
23:00:28 <mllerustad>	cool!
23:00:48 <mllerustad>	skyfaller_ppc: could you send me the link to our Basecamp install again?
23:00:54 <skyfaller_ppc>	our int'l chapters should def work with CC... CC has a strong int'l org
23:01:04 <mllerustad>	we need that to be more available..
23:01:11 <skyfaller_ppc>	mllerustad:
23:01:33 <skyfaller_ppc>	mllerustad: I'll give access to anyone who stays for the volunteers meeting and wants an account
23:01:34 <Sparragus>	Oh yes. And they know of SFC. I mentioned it to Joi and Katherina and they seem really happy that a Free Culture movement exists in PR.
23:01:53 <skyfaller_ppc>	yay!
23:02:12 <Sparragus>	So, we could dfinitely get support and many ways from CC Int if we try to.
23:02:25 <Sparragus>	in many ways*
23:02:55 <skyfaller_ppc>	... moving on?
23:02:56 <mllerustad>	Sweet. :)
23:03:12 <mllerustad>	Alright, I guess I declare the Core Team meeting adjourned, let's start the Volunteers meeting!