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The [[Web Team]] looks after the [http://freeculture.org/ Web site], [http://wiki.freeculture.org/ wiki], [http://planet.freeculture.org/ planet], and [http://freeculture.org/blog/ blog].  It can normally be found lurking in our [[IRC]] channel.
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* ''Bugs'' can be filed on [https://bugs.launchpad.net/web/+bugs our bug tracker] on Launchpad.
* ''Status'' like emergencies or downtime are tracked on http://fcostatus.wordpress.com/.
==General responsibilities==
===Keep the website functioning===
Nothing on the current website should break.  Our pages must continue to be accessible, and software must continue to work.
* Accept bug reports.  We must have a way for people to tell the webteam what is broken
* Fix the bugs.  There must be a way to assign people to bugs and get them working on the bugs. (and determine when the bugs are fixed, and close the bug.)
===Add functionality===
When the organization needs the website to do new things, the web team must figure out how to implement these new mission objectives.
===Make the website prettier and more user-friendly===
* Graphics design - this may eventually belong to a separate Graphics team, but until then the web team will have to handle this themselves (or use friends and acquaintances).
* Reorganization - If the website is difficult to navigate, content must be moved around until we have a clean, logical structure
== Process ==
* Active members should idle on #freeculture whenever possible.
* For statements that need to be recorded, like when you make a change server-side, ''always'' send an e-mail to the webteam mailing list.  It's important we all have a copy of such things for reference.
* Active members should be part of our Launchpad bug tracking network! If you are not already a member see [[Webteam Bug Tracking]].
== Active members (IRC username) ==
=== Asheesh Laroia (paulproteus) ===
Web Team Leader: I run this shop.
* Contact info: See http://www.asheesh.org/
* Wants to do: sysadmin tasks, database maintenance
** I am responsible for making sure the server stays up.  That means that if it's down, you talk to me first.  I'll file support tickets with whoever upstream.
* Can do: Program in Python, hack PHP and Ruby and Perl
* May learn: anything...?
* Does not want to do: web design.
* Time commitment: As little as necessary.  See also the [http://kw.pm.org/talks/0204-modules/slide013.html three virtues].
=== Chris Wilkinson (cwilkin) ===
* Speciality: Organization, Graphic Design
* Time Commitment: As much as needed
* Wants to: Return from being a wandering vagrant to actually accomplishing things again.
=== Abhay Kumar (aranis) ===
Mercenary Geek: I'm like an an 'observer state' at the UN. I can be tasked as necessary.
* [http://www.abhaykumar.net/blog/about/ Contact]
* Wants to do: growth vision (aka 'brand management', including design and presence), coding tasks.
* Can do: program in php / ruby
* May learn: as needed
* Does not want to do: TBD
* Time commitment: Few hours a week. I have a full time job plus my few hours a week reserved for Wordpress leaves a few more hours to sleep, eat, etc.
=== Karen Rustad (mllerustad) ===
Random groupie / Other board liaison
* Contact info: [[User:Karen]]
* Wants to do: Graphics, web design, basic maintenance
* Can do: Draw pretty things, edit content, work with mailing lists, write HTML, cannibalize other existing code
* May learn: CSS
* Does not want to do: Things that are over my head, unless someone can teach me how
* Time commitment: Couple hours a week. Board stuff + leading local chapter + other projects tend to devour my time.
=== Nelson Pavlosky (skyfaller) ===
Liaison with the Board of Directors
* Contact info: [[User:Skyfaller]]
* Wants to do: General goal-setting, finding/reporting bugs
* Can do: content editing, distributing passwords and privileges, giving new web team members tours of the website's internals, basic maintenance
* Does not want to do: any web development or design
* Time commitment: FreeCulture.org is my life, but I don't want to be involved with the web team, I want to work on other parts of the org.  The web team needs to free me up for other jobs.
=== Siddharth Srivastava (siddharth) ===
Mercenary Geek (same as Abhay)
* Contact info: [[User:Sid]]
* Wants to do: coding, coding, and more coding
* Can do: program in PHP, hack in Python
* May learn: as needed
* Does not want to do: sysadmin tasks
* Time commitment: Few hours a week.
=== Pascal Klein (klepas) ===
Aspired digital pixel junkie (read: graphic designer)
* Contact info: [[User:Klepas]]
* Wants to do: graphic and web design, general management
* Can do: Gimping, Inkscaping, some CSS and XHTML
* May learn: Blendering, Python and/or PHP and more CSS
* Does not want to do: anything I can't or someone else could do much better.
* Time commitment: a few hours a week.
=== Anthony Patarini (gnuklear) ===
College Student with too much free (as in freedom?) time
* Contact info: [[User:Ampatarini]]
* Wants to do: Code Monkeying, Modding, Mangling and Hackery of that sort
* Can do: Some Experience with (X)HTML, CSS, JavaScript, PHP, Python and MySQL. Fairly knowledgable of web-based security best practices.
* May learn: A lot. And quickly.
* Does not want to do: Graphics, because others are far better at this, and Perl... I will if I have to but... it's like an ugly toad.. it makes me wanna poke it.
* Time commitment: Several hours a week.
=== Scott Shawcroft (tannewt) ===
Aspiring free culture guru and artist supporter.
* Contact info: [[User:tannewt]]
* Wants to do: website programming and general promotion.
* Can do: PHP, Python, MySQL
* May learn: Stuff I don't know currently.
* Doesn't want to do: graphics.
* Time commitment: a few hours a week.
=== Matthew Vermeulen (MatthewV) ===
Maths fanatic
* Contact info: [[User:MatthewV]]
* Wants to do: Web stuff - site building design etc.
* Can do: XHTML/CSS Basic Javascript and PHP, MySQL
* May learn: what I need to know for whatever I'm working on ;)
* Doesn't want to do: Hmm.. ask me to do something and find out
* Time commitment: hours during holidays, minutes otherwise
=== Parker Phinney (pyrak/gameguy43/teh_parkerer) ===
Freelance Web Developer
* Contact info: [[User:gameguy43]]
* Wants to do: Simple PHP maintenance / semanticize xhtml and css / organize web team
* Can do: PHP, SQL, XHTML, CSS, beginning to dabble in JS
* May learn: JS, especially unobtrusive DOM-utilizing methods
* Doesn't want to do: invalid html.  use messy code.  i like clean
* Time commitment: this is on the high end of my list of priorities.  ping me and i can take care of it, provided i don't have a physics test the next day.
== Meetings ==
* [[2005-12-14]]
* [[2006-01-25]]
* [[2006-03-22]]
* [[2006-03-29]]
* [[2006-04-26]]
* [[2006-10-18]]
* [[2006-10-25]]
* [[2006-12-06]]
* [[2007-02-28]]
* [[2007-03-21]]
* [[2007-09-20]]
* [[2007-10-07]]
== Theoretical members ==
* [[User:Abhay | Abhay Kumar]] (New York University)
* [[User:Scudmissile | Andy Scudder]] (University of Evansville)
* [[User:Vilpponen | Antti Vilpponen]]
* Aphid Stern (University of California, Santa Cruz)
* [[User:Paulproteus | Asheesh Laroia]] (Johns Hopkins University)
* Ben Blonder ([[Swarthmore College]])
* Cameron Parkins (University of Southern California)
* [[User:Chrisd9 | Chris Butts]] (Washington University in St. Louis)
* [[User:Desirina | Desirina Boskovich]] (Emory University)
* [http://www.downhillbattle.org/ Downhill Battle]
* [[User:Poningru | Eldo Varghese]] ([[University of Florida]])
* Erek Dyskant ([[Swarthmore College]])
* [[User:Ericbailey | Eric Bailey]] (Mounds Park Academy)
* [[User:Firas | Firas]]
* [[User:Gavinbaker | Gavin Baker]] ([[University of Florida]])
* [[User:Pug | J.C. Jones]] ([[University of Florida]])
* [[User:Karen | Karen Rustad]] (Claremont Consortium)
* [[User:MattL | Matt Lee]]
* [[User:Arador | Miles Skorpen]] ([[Swarthmore College]])
* [[User:skyfaller | Nelson Pavlosky]] ([[Swarthmore College]])
* [[User:Nicholasbs | Nicholas Bergson-Shilcock]] (Franklin & Marshall College)
* [[User:Rebekah | Rebekah Baglini]] (Bryn Mawr College)
* Rob Matthews ([[Swarthmore College]])
* [[User:Sid | Sid Srivastava]] (Columbia University)
* Sophie Hwang (Cornell University)
== See also ==
* [[Intro To Web Team]]
* [[Website road map]] X (didnt really happen, probably not appropriate for this project)
* [[Web Team/Status]] X (historical)
* [[Todo:Webteam | Web Team to-do list]] X (we use launchpas instead)
* [[Teams]]
* [[Website documentation]]
* [[Hosting chapters]]
* [[Email]]
== External links ==
* [http://freeculture.org/cgi-bin/mailman/listinfo/webteam Web Team mailing list]

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