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Who am I?

I'm Asheesh Laroia. I'm even a current student at the Johns Hopkins University. See

iCommons summit

I'm going. But where and when?

To Frankfurt

This is the latest itinerary sent to me by the travel agent. All times in local time (hang on tight!).

  • T June 5: 14:32 Depart Rochester, NY
  • T June 5: 15:51 Arrive Washington, DC (Dulles)
  • T June 5: 17:15 Depart Washington, DC (Dulles)
  • W June 6: 07:10 Arrive Frankfurt

To London

  • Staying: In Reading chez Gavin's family
  • Getting there:
    • Hahn to London Stansted
      • Gavin: Depart Hahn on 5 June at 11:40; arrive Stansed 11:55 (all times local)
      • Asheesh:
    • Frankfurt to Hahn: links to a bus - do the timings work out for me?
      • 08:15 leaves Frankfurt airport; arrives Hahn at 09:45
      • 09:15 leaves Frankfurt airport; arrives Hahn at 10:45
    • Stansted to Reading:
      • Awaiting answer from Gavin's cousin, but hopefully not hard.

Within Europe

From London

London to Brussels:

  • Train: will take us from London Waterloo Int to "Any Belgian Station" for US$56 one-way

London to Prague:

London to Geneva:

  • Plane: $162 is the cheapest on for June 9

London to Florence:

  • Cheapest on June 9 or 12 on is ca. $130

London to Paris:

  • London to Paris: Eurostar: As low as US$123 one-way, 120.50 return...

From Brussels

Brussels to Prague:

Brussels to Florence:

  • Cheapest June 12 on is ca. $150

Brussels to Dubrovnik:

  • Thousands of dollars on
  • has a flight on June 15 for 99 Euro that arrives 08:05
  • has a flight Mon 11 June (arrives 15:20) and Friday 15 June (arrives 19:00), so that's no use

Brussels to Frankfurt:

  • $120 on

From Prague

  • Note: doesn't support flying from Prague
  • Note: flies from Prague to Brussels and Dubrovnik and Paris-Orly

Prague to Dubrovnik:

  • SkyEurope has no tickets on June 14 or 15

Prague to Frankfurt:

  •  ?

From Geneva

Geneva to Dubrovnik:

  •  ?

Geneva to Brussels:

  •  ?

Geneva to Frankfurt:

  •  ?

Geneva to Prague:

  •  ?

From Florence

Florence to Dubrovnik:

  • Thousands of dollars on for June 14
  • via Bari:
    • 64euro standard, second class train to Bari (7+ h)
    • 50euro deck passage on Jadrolinija (overnight)

Florence to Brussels:

  •  ?

Florence to Frankfurt:

  •  ?

Florence to Prague:

  •  ?

Florence to Geneva:

  •  ?


  • Brussels: We have somewhere!
  • Prague: ? (couchsurfing?)
  • Florence: We have somewhere!
  • Geneva: ? (courchsurfing?)

Travel notes

  • Eurostar: Tell them you're a Youth
  • Eurostar: London<->Paris, London<->Brussels
  • Eurostar: [1] thinks one-ways are more expensive than round-trip

To Dubrovnik

Gavin will be on this leg.

  • H June 14: 14:50 Depart Frankfurt
  • H June 14: 16:35 Arrive Dubrovnik

To Rochester

  • W June 20: 08:55 Depart Dubrovnik
  • W June 20: 11:00 Arrive Frankfurt
  • W June 20: 12:20 Depart Frankfurt
  • W June 20: 14:58 Arrive Washington, DC (Dulles)
  • W June 20: 17:05 Depart Washington, DC (Dulles)
  • W June 20: 18:28 Arrive Rochester, NY

To do

  1. Test out WP MU
    • See if the install on supercore can handle feedwordpress as well as a regular blog
      • That means patching feedwordpress to work in 2.0 at all... (DONE; see [2])
    • then install it somewhere else or something
      • we want two aggregators: chapters, and personal blogs (i.e., "planet FC.o"), and maybe a third "random FC.o news"
      • we also want the main WP blog to support enclosures and have a podcast category and recommend its RSS/XML feed for enclosure slurpers
      • Unfortunately, FeedWordPress doesn't show its menus in MU. I wonder why. I'll try to talk to Firas about this.
  2. Make chapter database useful
    • Then: Use Google Maps to create a map showing the location of our chapters. We may be able to cheat by creating a Frappr map, but if we can't embed a Frappr map in our webpage then that's not ideal.
  3. Make a contact database... - am I really responsible for this?
  4. Set up mudbag correctly
    • Fix database ownership for freecult_site and/or create freecult_general
    • Fix all their broken PHP start tags (DONE, I think)
  5. Turn SwatWiki into a WikiFarm using [3] and [4]
  6. Work with Abhay on multi-user Wordpress install
  7. Work with Abhay on aggregators (Planet Planet?)

Back Burner

Stuff that still needs to be done, but not now.

  • Figure out what needs to be done to make the wiki acceptable for public viewing (i.e. clean up and organize it).
  • Set up some system to make sure the wiki is maintained properly. Would you like to be "wiki team leader"? -- Nelson 12:33, 1 Aug 2005 (EDT)


Move things here when they're finished, along with any notes about their finishment.

  1. DONE - Delete spam users on wiki
    • DONE - Completed using MW 1.5.5 and its maintenance/removeUnusedAccounts.php script - Start by deleting users who have no edits? (presumably all of their spam edits have been deleted, that's why they don't have anything)
  2. INPROGRESS - Make chapter database useful
    • DONE - Waiting for Nelson to finish designing it. I'll bug him daily because this should be easy.
    • DONE - Make view_chapters page dynamic
    • DONE - Make register_chapter form dynamic
  3. Upgrade the national wiki.
    • Moved it to 1.4.12. I found the missing images while doing this.
    • Moved it to 1.5.4. This fixed the missing images on every page.
    • Installed Bad Behavior. I think this worked. There is a shared bad-behavior/ directory under public_html, available for all MediaWiki or WordPress installs to share.
  4. Upgrade Swarthmore wiki to the latest version, and hopefully get rid of the spam.
    • DONE. When you upgrade the wiki, you will need to update the settings files because the format of those files has changed. Please set the wiki so that you need a username to edit it, as before.
    • DONE via Bad Behavior. If this does not fix the spam problem, add more spam protection features.
  5. DONE: Create useful chapters table.