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harvard law student. electronic music junkie. i have serious case of wanderlust...

aim: emstark

blog: reasoner

project list

1. jimbo wales tour

  • have contacted jimbo and our list of interested chapters, need to figure out feasibility re: funding, will discuss on 11/6 call

2. FC/CC band campaign

  • have contacted CC about sending us materials, talked to lessig, etc.
  • need to collect chapter addresses and send the info to fran at cc
  • harvard chapter is going to talk to local bands
  • need to work w/ fred to make this a national campaign and announce it

3. international coordination

  • have replied to int'l emails but we need more direction in where we want to go with this

4. harvard projects

  • annalee newitz talk
  • free culture exhibition
  • band campaign
  • public domain/illegal art film fest