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* Name / Contact info
#REDIRECT [[U.S. Northeast regional summit 2005#Registration form]]
* Age
* Any school affiliation / chapter affiliation
* I do NOT want my name to appear on the attendees list (default to unchecked)
* Location
** Do you have a home in or near NYC?
** If yes, would you be able to host any fellow attendees?  How many?
** If no, do you need help finding housing?
* Transportation
** Do you have a car or other means to transport yourself?
** If yes, could you drive other attendees from your area to NYC?  How many?
** If no, do you need help with transportation?  Where will you be coming from?
* Food
** Do you have any allergies or dietary restrictions?  If so, list them.
** Preferences? (e.g. Chinese food, pizza)
* Content of the conference
** Anything you'd like to learn from this conference? (e.g. how to spread our message on campus)
** Anything you'd like resolved at this conference? (e.g. what our chapters are going to work on together this semester)

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