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This is the schedule for the [[NYC summit]]. The vague plan is to start late in the afternoon on Friday, January 13, and to end about 24 hours later.  People may or may not party or sleep in the middle.
#REDIRECT [[U.S. Northeast regional summit 2005]]
* 4:30pm - arrival and registration
* 5pm - Kickoff pizza party and introductions 
* 6pm - Start student presentations
** Welcoming address by FC founder Nelson Pavlosky
* 7pm - [http://www.nyu.edu/classes/siva/ Siva Vaidhyanathan] speaks
* 8pm - Leave to go protest
* 11pm - Party somewhere
* 9:30am - Breakfast
* 10:30am - Speed Geeking: Inspired by Speed Dating, participants will share a 5 minute presentation on a useful, geeky topic of interest.
* 11am - How to start and maintain a Free Culture chapter, brainstorming session
** Events and projects that you can do
* 12pm - lunch - tables for different free culture issues
* 1pm - Discuss packet of FC documents: mission statement, policy paper
* 2pm - Plan regional events that we can take part in or organize
* 3pm - Discuss possible national projects that we may want to take on
* 4pm - Solidify one project plan, and break up into groups and
* 5pm - Wrap up - Assess what we've done, lay out plans that we've made, etc.
* 6pm - Go home, or hang out in a disorganized fashion

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