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We keep live notes in this pirate pad:
=[http://piratepad.net/Zr1gYgnTGM We keep live notes in this pirate pad]=
== This Week ==
==Bug Check In (10 minutes)==
* Wikispam https://bugs.launchpad.net/web/+bug/731573
* europe DNS
==Meeting Scheduling (30 minutes)==
* When is good?
Some super-high-priority things:
* When do schedules change next?
* fix the wordpress install
* install roundup and configure it
* install groupserver so that our mailing lists rule
website documentation
* it should all be explainers and recipes
* but we should be sure that we can view all the explainers (and recipes) on one webpage by using some mediawiki magic
== Last Week==
Bug Check-in (5 minutes)
*chapter aggregator - pyrak
*sensitive data purgin - paulproteus
Meeting Schedule (15 minutes)
*How often?
*Bimodal meetings? (weekly bug throwdowns, less-frequent longer talks?)
Git Proposal comments (15 minutes)
* http://wiki.freeculture.org/Webteam/Git_proposal

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We keep live notes in this pirate pad

Bug Check In (10 minutes)

Meeting Scheduling (30 minutes)

  • When is good?
  • When do schedules change next?