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Utah Free Culture
name Name::Free Culture @ U of U
uri Uri::
blog Blog::
wiki [[Wiki::]]
mailinglist Mailinglist::
# of core members Coremembers::
Has a budget? Budget::Yes
Budget size Budgetsize::500
Ship CC goodies? Ship cc::
Ship EFF goodies? Ship eff::
Ship PK goodies? Ship pk::
School School::University of Utah
Contact Contact::User:uofu
Has been reviewed + approved by SFC? Approved by SFC::Yes
Has been approved by the school? Approved by School::No
Is active? Is active::Yes
Last re-registered? Last re-registered::2008-2009
  • founder is on student government - director of gov't relations (cabinet position) so lobbying, voter registration, anything with political implications on campus... forums, impact day (bring in all candidates to talk about their platforms)
  • school is like 25,000 students
  • iTunes U is here.
  • Got interested in free culture through the library, open access. Library supports with funding etc.
  • Not much has happened yet b/c started over the summer.
  • Wants to know: what sort of activities should we do?
  • ship us stuff by next week (end of august)
  • wants mailing list, blog, wiki