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Here's a list of tasks for the Web Team. If you don't like my naming convention in making this page, well, one of the points below is to establish style guidelines for the wiki. So there.

Please add stuff below.

Web Team members: please move things to your own to-do lists prior to working on a task.

Version Control

  • Install CVS / Subversion.
    • J.C.: Install CVS and enforce the use of CVS for all website changes. The intention here is to make sure that we never lose data, and add accountability for website updates. I think the site is just large enough to benefit significantly by this approach. Using a version control system for the web pages adds overhead to designers, but there's no more worry about clobbering a whole host of work on accident through a erroneous install and having to manually restore the site, or simple human error with breaking a script.
    • Abhay: Subversion. My version system of choice.


  • Tag wiki CC by 2.0
  • Re-enable upload on wiki
    • Allow uploads of all FC.o-recommended filetypes
  • Change the RSS feed on the Recent changes page on the wiki so it displays a smaller number of changes -- say, 10-20 -- and includes date, user who made the change, possibly time
  • Establish wiki syle guidelines
    • Are we recommending against h1? Should we go through the wiki and change all h1 to h2? -- Gavin 14:06, 3 Feb 2005 (EST)
      • You don't have to go through the wiki and change all the old pages unless you really want to, but yes, use of h1 is discouraged. -- Nelson 16:08, 7 Feb 2005 (EST)
  • Un-ghettoize wiki
  • Reverse Meetings index chronology for ease-of-use?

Comment Submission


  • Press section
  • Bios for FC.o leaders
  • Mission statement (when written)


  • Help chapters set up and use blogs
    • What can we do to help people? I've just been suggesting that people create an LJ community for their club. LJ does comments, an RSS feed, and trackback is on its way (now that they've been bought out by Six Apart). Blogger doesn't do RSS feeds period, just Atom, and that's not enabled by default. So I dis-recommend it. Some kind of Wordpress installation is really ideal, so that you have control. -- Nelson 11:54, 6 Feb 2005 (EST)
      • LJ is a good quickfix, but a WP install is better in the long run. For chapters that don't want to manage a WP install yet, we should push LJ heavily. Do you think we could pester LJ to implement trackback? Some sort of "category" tags would be very useful too. -- Gavin 02:30, 7 Feb 2005 (EST)


  • Accept donations
    • PayPal & credit card via PayPal
    • Checks mailed to P.O. Box
    • Others: Amazon Honor System? Fundable? NetworkForGood? Referral / shopping programs?
  • Sell merch
    • Does not yet exist, except for frisbees at Downhill Battle

Site templates

  • Do we want to keep a fixed-size layout? Can we not use a more flexible design?
  • Add a link under the XHTML/CSS/etc. buttons on the right-hand sidebar which says "Add this site's RSS feed" which links to a page that explains, briefly, what RSS is and how to use it, including info about LiveBookmarks in Mozilla
    • for n00bs
  • Should we remove the sample flier that appears on some pages on the lefthand side, and links to the "Guide"? Eventually, this should be replaced with our Activist Packet, but until that's done, I think we ought to hide this. Maybe that will be extra motiviation to finish the activist packet. -- Gavin 02:37, 7 Feb 2005 (EST)
    • Being swapped out with NYU flyer -- Gavin 17:50, 17 Feb 2005 (EST)