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  • interactive repository for student e-prints and working papers
  • see
  • would students use it?
    1. read
    2. upload
    3. annotate
    • early adopters would be honors-type students
  • uses:
    • see what people had written about a topic
    • see what sources people had used
      • see comments about sources
    • extra credit
      • for uploading
    • turn it in system for class
    • publish papers anonymous -- you want feedback, but don't want people to know who you are
  • purpose of the site
    • tired of writing papers no one will ever read?
    • get feedback before you turn it in
    • professors: turn it in
      • professors could markup
    • get help (see what others have written)
    • share your work with the world
    • submissions system to OA journals
  • GPL v3 revision system for commenting
    • there's a similar module for Drupal
  • integrate Wikimedia Foundation projects functionality
    • upload to Wikibooks
    • PD sources: link to Wikisource
    • interwiki-like links to WP articles in comments