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In order to understand what a SWOT analysis is, you should read this simple explanation of SWOT analysis. It is part of a larger strategic planning process.

We should try to work through other parts of this strategic planning process as part of our long-term planning, but right now I will just do some SWOT.

To see an imperfect example from a local chapter, check out FC Swarthmore's SWOT analysis. I don't think the Swarthmore group fully understood the difference between Strengths/Weaknesses and Opportunities/Threats; the former are supposed to be internal factors, while the latter are supposed to be external factors. On the other hand, I suppose that you could consider factors "outside of our control" to be external factors, such as the date of my graduation, even though my future absence is kind of an internal problem.

Also, the Swarthmore SWOT analysis failed to take the second step and develop a "SWOT matrix" for developing strategies based on combining pairs of categories, e.g. using strengths to capitalize on opportunities.

Environmental scan




  • "No natural predators" - We don't have any organized opposition within our colleges. There's no "permission culture" student group, although there are many who fail to understand our issues. Therefore, we have a chance to set the terms of debate/discussion on our campuses. We also have a chance to act as a "big tent" organization and encompass all student interests, rather than restricting ourselves to one side of a battle. After all, we're about balance, there's plenty of room to talk about creators' rights and how artists can make money, for example. (This could be a natural state of affairs for us... after all, are there any anti-environmentalist groups on campuses?)
    • There are no established anti-environmentalist groups on campuses (AFAIK), but environmentalist causes sometimes run into opposition with other groups' policies. So, for instance, policies we support may from time to be opposed by the College Republicans, or network administrators, or what have you. -- Gavin 15:57, 15 Jun 2005 (EDT)


SWOT Matrix

Strengths Weaknesses
Opportunities S-O strategies W-O strategies
Threats S-T strategies W-T strategies

S-O strategies

W-O strategies

S-T strategies

W-T strategies