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DEPRECATED: This doc is about our old Semantic MediaWiki chapter database. We use a google spreadsheet now.

This is how you register a chapter to become officially recognized as a member of Students For Free Culture.

Please do every step (and sub-step) in order, and do not skip any steps. It'll make things go smoother :)

Step 1: Your personal information

Here's where you tell us personal information about you as a person!

  • Register a username for this wiki.
  • Now that you are registered and logged in, you should see your username at the top right-ish of the page. Clicking it will take you to your user page. (The page is currently empty, of course, since you haven't put any information there yet. But you're going to fix that right now!)
  • Go to your user page, click "edit this page", and then paste in the text:
    Hit "Save Page". IMPORTANT: If you skip this sub-step, you won't get a nice form to put information into in the next sub-step, so seriously, paste the text in so that we know this is really a user page and not a spam bot's page.
  • Now, back on your user page, click "Edit" and fill in your personal details into the new form. (Don't worry, we'll keep your more private data such as your home address or phone number secret and only show them to SFC admins.)

Step 2: Information about your school

  • Go to Schools and look for your school.
    • If it's there, update its information by clicking on the school name and then "Edit".
    • If it's not there, type your school name into the input field at the beginning of the page and hit "Add School". Then, enter its information, and hit "Save Page".

Step 3: Add your chapter!

  • Go to Chapters and look for your chapter. If it's not there, enter its name into "Add Chapter" and fill out its information.
  • When you fill in your Chapter page, please remember to fill in the field marked "Contact" with your username on this wiki, which you created in Step 1. Otherwise we won't know who the contact is for your chapter!
  • After you do that, you should receive an email with the information we have stored. A copy will be sent to us and we will be in touch!
    • BTW, the above statement is a lie as of 2007-12-17. Emailing will hopefully work soon.

This is not a step: what happens after you register your chapter

After you have registered your chapter, an admin will (probably) officially approve your chapter. This will enable you to enjoy all the benefits of an official SFC chapter, including free web space, care packages full of propaganda and goodies shipped to your door, voting privileges... the works.

When the admin approves your chapter, they will protect your chapter's wiki page so that only sysops can edit it and they will promote you to sysop status so that you can edit your chapter's wiki page. This means that you will be able to update your chapter's contact info etc. yourself, and you don't need to worry about random strangers defacing the page.

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