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The Peruvian Pirate Party

The Peruvian Pirate Party is the political branch of Cultura Libre, We have got two sits in the National Council for the Information Society in Peru (CODESI).

The CODESI is a government organization which promote changes in rules and regulations (Copyright, Patent Law, Telecommunications, Access to Public Information, e-Government). Members of CODESI are many local universities, NGOs, LUGs Groups, local telecomms and government organizations.



Last Mille Initiative

Digital Freedom Initiative

PP International

PP International is an umbrella organisation consisting of political pirate parties around the world.

This place is meant to be a meeting point for all the pirate parties that have started around the world and those who unfortanetly yet don't have an active Pirate Party in their country. To seek guidance and aid to start a pirate party on their own.

It is a network to dicuss the issues with people across the world with various experiences, ideas, resources and viewpoints.