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We are constantly developing new flyers and improving old ones. The flyers are made to be printed and distributed, so it's a good idea to turn these dynamic pages into static easy-to-print PDF files. Here's a quick step-by-step guide for turning these flyers into PDFs using OpenOffice. Once you've created the PDF file, upload it to the wiki to save other FC members a few minutes.

1. [and install the latest version of OpenOffice] (It wouldn't hurt to download this free, open source, superior office suite anyway!)

2. Open the flyer document in OpenOffice, or cut and paste it from your web browser.

3. Make any changes to the document or its formatting until you think it's ready.

4. Click "File"; then "Export to PDF"; give your file a name; then click "Save"

5. A window will pop-up where you can change the default options for creating PDF files; feel free to change these, but the default options should be fine, so just click "Export."

6. Presto! You just made a PDF. Now that you've installed OpenOffice and learned how easy it is, you can crank out PDF files for any occasion. Thank Free Culture, and specifically Open Source and the OpenOffice Team, for this great free tool.