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This is the page for the Open Education Resources Search utility project

What the Project is

(this goes without saying, but feel free to edit) this website and facebook utility will allow users to search several directories of open educational resources, namely project guttenberg and possibly the internet archive. users will be able to select the texts found on these websites, view them, download them, and print them


Everything needs a catchy name. What's our idea?

Intended user interface

  • Link to mockup?

Input: what archives do we want to search?

Project Gutenberg

An obvious target!

  • How many books?
  • License? (iirc PG's license isn't quite PD...)
  • API for searching?
    • Should we just store a copy of every book? We can figure that out later.
  • Existing code for making books look nice?

Internet Archive (Maybe)

what about the internet archive?

I think the concern was that not all of their links were good. additionally, a good part of their archive is from project guttenberg, so there'd be an overlap (somewhat annoying). however, if they have books project guttenberg does, but from another source, that's a good thing, and makes it more likely that they're going to have the stuff students are looking for.

a small political consideration: linda frueh at the IA was very excited about the program, and it might seem rude to design a whole program that they really like yet exclude their archive


Output: Devices/formats to generate

PDF for printing

This one's obvious.

sound file as computer read text

  • Would this be useful?
  • Are there other outputs that would be useful? Does the iPod need specially-formatted text?

Who cares?


  • Student PIRGs could use this tool in their arsenal in their pro-OER activities

Public Knowledge

  • almost certainly would offer server space

Internet Archive

  • might be interested in some form of collaboration


What needs to be done? Who will do it when?

The Future

What will happen to the project in one year's time? (If the answer is "No plans (yet)" that's fine, but we still should think about this.)