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Why Is Open Access Important for a University? [~3 paragraphs]


Gavin and crew just finalized this, which is awesome and has a lot of information:

Email from P. Suber

The SPARC list of presidents and provosts supporting the 2009 version of FRPAA used to be at this url,

But today it returns an error message. I just wrote to SPARC to see whether the page has moved and will let you know what I find out.

Webometrics is the Spanish project I mentioned on the phone. It ranks universities based (roughly) on the number of OA publications the university has online. --For more detail, see its "about" page, where the organizers make explicit their intention to recognize and reward OA.

I realized that there's one more project in roughly the same space. University Metrics has developed a metric ("G-Factor") for ranking universities based on the number of links to their websites. In practice it rewards universities with high levels of OA for their research output more than universities with lower levels.