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These are tasks that need to be done by someone. Logical groupings of these will result in jobs, below.

Mailing Lists mailing lists, other than discussion lists or campus group lists. That means someone is responsible either for preparing them (one-way lists) or leading them (team lists).

  • Announce
  • Art
  • Blogteam
  • Core
  • Localize
  • OutreachTeam
  • Press
  • Pressteam
  • Webteam

Currently out of use:

  • Campusgroups
  • Speakers

Inboxes inboxes that someone must check and respond to.

  • Domains
    • Who checks it now: Gavin
  • Donate
    • Who checks it now: Gavin
  • Freedom (default inbox)
    • Who checks it now: Gavin, Nelson
  • Listmod
    • Who checks it now: Eldo
  • Media
    • Who checks it now: Gavin
  • Newgroup
    • Who checks it now: Gavin, Nelson, Eldo, Elizabeth
  • Webteamsters
    • Who checks it now:

Currently out of use:

  • Entries@undeadart
  • Webmaster


How should the above tasks be grouped into jobs?