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So you've decided to join the web team? Sweet! We can use all the help we can get. This page is the place to start understanding the website's infrastructure so that you can help hack! There's also a more detailed Website documentation, if that was what you were looking for.

Chatting Us up on IRC

We chat in #freeculture on If you know nothing about IRC, fear not! We have an easy guide to IRC. Making a practice of idling in the IRC channel and asking questions is a great way to begin to get involved with the website and the organization in general!

What the Heck is on the Website

The Web site, wiki, planet, blog, and a cornucopia of chapter websites.

Connecting to the Server

The web server is hosted in Japan. It's a box that runs some flavor of linux. Instead of using FTP, we use SSH (click to learn how to use it). (Here's a quick guide to the file structure of the server).

What's Going on Back There?

The website "front end" (,, /chapters, /manifesto, etc) is powered by Wordpress. That means that the actual content of the pages can be updated by WebDev laymen. The wiki is, of course, powered by MediaWiki. The mailing lists are powered by something. The Planet is powere by something else.