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FreeCulture FordhamLaw
name Name::FreeCulture
subdomain Subdomain::fordhamlaw
uri Uri::
blog Blog::
wiki [[Wiki::]]
mailinglist Mailinglist::
# of core members Coremembers::3
Has a budget? Budget::Yes
Budget size Budgetsize::
Ship CC goodies? Ship cc::Yes
Ship EFF goodies? Ship eff::Yes
Ship PK goodies? Ship pk::Yes
School School::Fordham University School of Law
Contact Contact::User:Joe Dempsey
Has been reviewed + approved by SFC? Approved by SFC::No
Has been approved by the school? Approved by School::Yes
Is active? Is active::Yes
Last re-registered? Last re-registered::

Co-founders: Joe Dempsey (final year), Jimmy Kaplowitz (1st year night student)

Faculty advisor: Professor Joel Reidenberg

  • First meeting is tomorrow! (Tues Oct 26)
  • Then planning speakers and movies, beginning with Nelson Pavlosky as a speaker
    • Planning on picking speakers/movies off of Year one (that page really needs to be updated, no edits in the last year)
  • No real problems, just waiting to see how the first meeting goes, and for SFC to approve their chapter :P
  • How Joe got interested in SFC: in high school, several friends were into linux/open source, and i think i picked up a lot of that by association. in college i spent 2 summers working at a library so that's where the open access side comes from, and then i came to nyc to do the whole writer/film-maker thing, and now i'm in lawschool, taking IP and reading alarming articles about the RIAA... :)