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The Core Team is the second-highest decision-making structure of, after the board of directors.

The requirement for joining the Core Team is that you must attend a conference call. Usually, this means that you are a member of a Free Culture chapter or interested in starting one. There are a number of people on here who were once interested in starting a chapter but no longer are, yet who continue to read the list for their own reasons.

Team members

  • abenn1 at swat
  • Abhay Kumar (NYU)
  • Andy Scudder (Evansville)
  • Arthur Chu (Swarthmore)
  • Aphid Stern (UC Santa Cruz)
  • Amanda Bergson-Shilcock ( Nick's older sister)
  • Anthony Patarini (UAF)
  • Andrew McPherson (Emerson)
  • Asheesh Laroia (Johns Hopkins)
  • Ben Blonder (Swarthmore)
  • Ben Donahower ()
  • Ben Li (Miami)
  • Brian Pitts (Emory)
  • Breck Yunits (Duke)
  • Cameron Parkins (USC)
  • Chris Butts ()
  • David Chudzicki (Swarthmore)
  • Dan Corbett (Ohio)
  • Desirina Boskovich (Emory)
  • Erek Dyskant (Swarthmore)
  • Eldo Varghese (University of Florida)
  • Elisabeth Strawser-Booth (University of Florida)
  • Elizabeth Stark (Harvard)
  • Eric Bailey (Mounds Park)
  • Fred Benenson (NYU)
  • Gavin Baker (University of Florida)
  • Harlan Yu (Princeton)
  • Inga Chernyak (NYU)
  • Jeremy Wagner-Kaiser (Michigan)
  • Joe Dombroski (William & Mary)
  • John Schreiber (UConn)
  • jmendels at cmu
  • jwachman at stanford
  • Julian Krause (UC Riverside)
  • Karen Rustad (Claremont)
  • Lauren Oldja (MIT)
  • Luke Smith (Swarthmore)
  • Matt Lee
  • Matt Price (William & Mary)
  • Mike Wolk (Colby)
  • melodyk at upenn
  • mskorpe1 at swat
  • mwmiche at emory
  • Nelson Pavlosky (Swarthmore)
  • Nicholas Bergson-Shilcock (Franklin & Marshall)
  • nm12 at duke
  • nmc5 at duke
  • Pedro Alcocer (University of Florida)
  • Rebecca Neipris (Brown)
  • Rebekah Baglini (Bryn Mawr)
  • Ross Housewright ()
  • ra016681 at
  • Sarah Hromack (California College of the Arts)
  • Sarah Mishkins (Yale)
  • Sid Srivastava (Columbia)
  • Sophie Hwang (Cornell)
  • Stephen Dionne (Boston)
  • sweiwang at gmail
  • s11 at fsf (Evansville)
  • Tyson Wray ()
  • Thessaly La Force (Columbia)
  • freec at dxdt


Email delivery is disabled for the following individuals.

  • Eric Nguyen (UC Davis)
  • Jim Garrison (Case Western)