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(Mission Statement)
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=What the mission statement should contain=
The central activities of FreeCulture.org.
* Who we are, including how we are unique
* Who we represent
* Why we exist: our purpose
* What we do
=FreeCulture.org Mission Statement=
==Who we are==
* "Students and supporters"
* Local chapters at colleges and universities nationwide
* Our diversity: we're not cookie-cutter nerds
** We're diverse nerds
==Who we represent==
* Students and academics
==Our purpose==
==What we do==
=Old stuff=
*Technology has radically changed how ideas, creative works, etc are produced, exchanged and consumed.
*The proliferation of cheap computing power has democratized  the production of creative works, and the advent of the Internet has democratized the process of publishing.
* The current system of intellectual property laws that we have now have been put in place by the copyright-based industries....
==Mission Statement==
Free Culture is a student-founded, student-run organization, formed in 2004 and now has chapters in colleges and universities across the United States as well as (**other countries here). Our purpose is fivefold:
*Promote awareness among students, teachers, school administrators, of the issues in the current system of intellectual property laws
*Foster greater debate on these issues,
*Advocate (in general) a more balanced regime of intellectual property laws,(**do we need to clarify our stand here?  -Ben Li)
*Make our views known to the lawmakers that represent us.
*Coordinate with other student groups around the world to advance the principles of free culture on the international stage.
Most importantly, we work to ensure the freedom to build upon the work of others, while maintaining the incentive for people to create and innovate.
'''NOTE:''' Shouldn't the mission statement indicate at least in a generalized fashion what exactly these "issues" are and what our "views" consist of? The statement above seems to lack a certain kind of specificity that would better enable us to communicate our goal as an organization.

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The central activities of FreeCulture.org.