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* night - Gavin flies away
* 4:12 pm - Gavin departs from Boston airport

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The basic plan is for the Board of Directors (Karen, Nelson, Gavin, and Elizabeth) to meet at Harvard U, arriving on Wednesday night, and spending Thursday-Saturday working on FreeCulture.org.


We should finalize certain important documents. These documents should have a decent start before we get there, we'll work on them over winter break.

  • Mission statement
  • Policy paper

We probably should get the ball rolling on 501(c)3 status again, or at least drawing up any documents that we would need for that.


Directions from Airport: Take Silver Line to South Station, switch to Red Line to Alewife, get off at Harvard Square


  • 2-5pm - Cyberlaw class


  • 2-5pm - Cyberlaw class
  • night - Get together with Harvard Free Culture


  • 4:12 pm - Gavin departs from Boston airport