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(Chapter Census)
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*** christina said she could help (and also make brochurey stuff)
*** christina said she could help (and also make brochurey stuff)
* Driscoll braindump and resource archaeology from FCX
* Driscoll braindump and resource archaeology from FCX
* Let's be careful not to lose track of David Doria or [the doc he started https://docs.google.com/Doc?docid=0AcyIfGqnlfSoZGdqaGhnMnJfMTQxMmd6NTZuZDU&hl=en]

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IRL/AFK fall meeting

  • Open Video Conference, NYC
  • Time: TBA
  • Location: TBA


Chapter Census

  • New chapters for Fall 2010?
  • How are last year's new chapters?
  • Chop up the new chapter list and see how year two is going by email
    • Send these in person during the meeting?
  • Our chapter database is now powered by a google spreadsheet
    • so we can start being much better about actually having our website reflect the latest reality of our chapters
      • we have this other google spreadsheet with a bunch of info on chapters--we should merge this into the chapter db one. also, we have the google doc called "free culture in europe," which has a bunch of contacts at universities (not clear to me if these are chapters or not, but if they are this should also be merged in).
  • Fall 2010 Census email--let's write it here. starting with kevin's draft from the summer

Faculty Advisory Board

  • Phone calls
  • Chop up the list, each board member call a few people
  • What are we talking to them about?
    • Save the date for conference
    • Non-scientific survey about the mood regarding Wheeler issues on their campuses (where appropriate)
    • Ask if there is anything we can do for them?

OA Week

  • oct 18-24th
  • We need to find out what our chapters are doing
  • What they COULD be doing
  • Updates about Right to research coalition
    • Aditi joining the steering committee