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* [[Mission Statement]]
* [[Mission Statement]]
* [[Free Culture Manifesto]]
* [[Free Culture Manifesto]]
* [[Tools]] - how to use the tools we use
How to use the tools we use.
* conference calls
* mailing lists
* the wiki [http://wiki.freeculture.org/]
* the private wiki [http://freeculture.org/private/]
* the blog [http://freeculture.org/blog/] and style guidelines
* instant messaging (Jabber, etc.)
==About free culture==
==About free culture==

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Welcome to the activist packet. If you want to start a Free Culture chapter, this is the place to start. Its contents should also be useful to chapter leaders and FreeCulture.org volunteers.


So you've decided to start a Free Culture chapter at your school. Awesome! This activist packet is designed to guide you through the process of founding a group. We hope you find it useful. (If you have ideas about how to improve this activist packet, or anything else we do, please let us know.)

No pain, no gain

We have to level with you: it's no easy task. Starting a student group is never easy, and Free Culture chapters are no exception. You should know up front that it takes considerable effort and time, and probably a little money too. FreeCulture.org and your fellow chapters will do what they can to help. Don't hesitate to ask for input or advice.

Starting a group

About FreeCulture.org

About free culture