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Notes for a country by country index of the state of A2K

The idea: The idea is to have a global index of the state of Access to Knowledge. All countries would receive scores based on a variety of indicators, to be developed and operationalized, and be ranked according to their scores. Countries with especially good Access to Knowledge would be highlighted and held up as examples to learn from.

The original post proposing an A2K watch list can be found here: http://lists.essential.org/pipermail/a2k/2005-February/000068.html.

Web implementation: Implementation on the web could range from the simplest (an html coded list of countries in order by aggregate rank) to quite complex. A high end implementation would be: constantly updated, with users feeding the data to a database, which dynamically creates an up to date index and map with each request. This would allow you to view animations of the map of a2k changing over time as laws and tech and actions happen.

For the beta A2K site we will do the following:

  • static page for a2kwatch, with an explanation of the proposed methodology, and how it would link to country sections
  • we will build country terms and a couple examples

Tools and examples: See the following:

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