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A2K Website Development Notes

General considerations

  • clean, friendly design
  • multilingual
  • accessible to all browsers, including text-only browsers / visually impaired
  • F/LOSS
  • easy to use backend for updating/editing content
  • need to decide CMS: drupal, mambo, mir, or other?

Site sections [to be prioritized and arranged in categories]

  • News
  • Press Releases
  • Blog(s)
  • Calendar
  • Access to Knowledge Country Watch List A2KWatch
  • Action
  • Links [?]
  • Contact
  • Logo competition
  • About
  • History of A2K
  • Short summary explanations for libraries, software patents, essential medicines, etc. (work on this list of issue areas)

Priority Tools/Features

Possible Features

  • support a mass email activist list (can base on DIA tools or other in dev by
  • Petition(s). An ongoing text of support for A2K. To build email list and deliver 'pressure' at key points in IP negotiations.
  • internationalization of key materials (include open translation tool?)
  • moderated open publishing area
  • SMS list (a la IMC breaking news text for RNC)
  • wiki, with point person/people responsible for pulling comments from list and entering on wiki
  • possible tools for internal campaign communication including: transmail (autotranslation for mailing lists developed by CoopdelSur); chat room coordination (see; regular int'l audio/videoconference (skype/iChat), wiki for transparency (meeting minutes, materials for translation, etc.)
  • existing email list (A2K)

Graphic design needs:

Other ideas

  • flash and short film contests
  • Audio PSAs (Maybe do competition through Odeo. I know, not graphic but...)
  • etc. (tshirts, mousepads, screen saver, firefox plugin, videogame, etc.)

Text needs

  • What is A2K?
  • History of A2K
  • Short topical summaries by area?
  • Logo competition call that specifies the conceptual/aesthetic/technical requirements.


  • June 15: start work, elaborate workplan, more detailed calendar.
  • July 1: tech tool review to meet expressed campaign needs and priorities. begin building website w/selected tools.
  • August 1: beta version of site ready for feedback from existing A2K community.
  • September 1: site goes public w/high profile event. For example, launch w/announcement of thought thieves (or other A2K themed) shorts contest.



  • A2K campaign will not only be focused on the A2K treaty
  • Want to be able to highlight country level activity
  • Group of academics are putting together A2K watchlist: positive reverse 301 list (list of countries with best access to knowledge).
  • Discussion in Chile on exceptions for libraries and blind. trying to push it regionally.
  • Calendar
  • Info sharing about best practices
  • e-activists lists sound good
  • donations ok but no immediate plans to make it 501(c)3
  • Most important community to start with is NGOs, government delegates, people involved in int'l negotiations.
  • Not targeted to geeks.
  • FAQ sections. I'll write first texts and then consult with folks from different constituencies.
  • Communicate what A2K is about.
  • Positive campaign.
  • Accessibility is really important - text only, accessible for blind only
  • need to have slogans. positive. (Access to Knowledge. It's a human right. Access to Knowledge. Make it happen. Access to Knowledge. It's Essential.)
  • Try to minimize bashing corporations.
  • It's also about rights. Not only exceptions. For example, right to access government information.

A2K logo ideas

  • Here is a logo from Ukrainian A2K site: a2k5.gif

simple icons to represent each branch of knowledge A2K will give access to.

  • pharma - pill
  • ag - seed, plant, or flower
  • software - string of binary code
  • music (av material) - soundwave
  • etc.

represent chain of human knowledge production - building on the past

  • a spiral?
  • pyramid? but that would need an apex.
  • circle of people all transmitting to each other?

A2k website dev timeline, July 5-Aug 1

  • create timeline (today)
  • establish preliminary & priority functional requirements (today)
  • decide on CMS (by July 7)
  • install CMS (by July 12)
  • design template (by July 19) [question: temporary logo?]
  • configure sections/components/blocks (by July 27)
  • add content (by Aug 1)