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A2K (Access to Knowledge) campaign

Access to Knowledge. It's Essential.

A2K wiki areas

  • A2KDev: website development
  • A2KFeeds: RSS feeds related to A2K
  • A2KLogo: drafting area for A2K logo
  • A2KWatch: notes for a country by country index of A2K
  • A2KText: draft texts for A2K campaign site

Background A treaty on Access to Knowledge (A2K) is meant to be a new, binding, international legal instrument that would require all countries to provide a minimum level of exceptions to patents, copyright, and trademarks. For example, just as the Doha exception to the WTO's TRIPS agreement ensure that countries can override pharmaceutical patents during major health crises, A2K would ensure that countries could override copyright for purposes of basic education.

The proposal to develop a new international treaty on Access to Knowledge (A2K) is gathering strength and momentum, with a good deal of buy-in from NGOs, developing country diplomats, and academics. The text of the treaty itself is advancing from first draft, to the incorporation of a round of comments post-London meeting, and A2K will easily continue to gather support at this stage. However, public presence of A2K is still limited to the (relatively) small circles of those who follow int'l policy, despite the natural affinity of many creative workers with A2K goals. The following is a brief outline of goals, timeline, and budget for developing a strong, public campaign around the A2K by using open, collaborative, distributed tools to bring in the energies of global networks of creative workers.


  • Develop strong graphic, web, and audiovisual campaign materials for A2K. This is the most 'tangible' goal, which will result from the success of the others. At the very minimum, we will end up with a strong set of graphic elements and materials that will help A2K build momentum: web design and tools for participation, logo, flyer, poster, and banner design, audiovisual shorts, and so on.
  • Bring communities of creative workers into active participation in A2K initiatives. This is doubly important, on the one hand for the success of the A2K treaty itself, but also because working on A2K will politicize more creative workers who will then also apply their skills to parallel and future initiatives towards knowledge liberation. (A2K as a treaty may come and go, but our goals - and the struggle towards them - will always remain; even if A2K goes down in flames, if we can effectively mobilize creative workers on this initiative we will be helping build stronger networks, tools, and practices for future victories).
  • 'Walk the walk:' demonstrate power of open, collaborative, distributed models applied to A2K campaign. If we can get this right, we'll be able to kick the ass of the corporate PR hacks who will be hired to attack the A2K. Every move they make, every pro-copyright, 'antipiracy' poster, website, and TV ad, our distributed network of creative workers will be able to cut-up, flip on its head, and do it better, cheaper, faster, funnier, bolder.

A2K CAMPAIGN ELEMENTS The following is a 5 minute brainstorm of A2K campaign elements. (These will have to be prioritized according to resources):

Graphic design:

  • logo
  • web design
  • web banner
  • sticker, flyer, poster design
  • flash and short film contests; 'Thought Thieves' flash contest (this may or may not be associated with A2K)
  • Audio PSAs (Maybe do competition through Odeo. I know, not graphic but...)
  • etc. (tshirts, mousepads, screen saver, firefox plugin, videogame, etc.)


  • open publishing (moderated)
  • possibly drupal or mambo Content Management System
  • mass email activist list (can base on DIA tools or other in dev by protest.net)
  • calendar
  • provide RSS feed
  • Pull RSS feeds from relevant sites
  • SMS list (a la IMC breaking news text for RNC)
  • Provide RSS feeds for user posted A2K news / exchange feeds w/IPwatch & other relevant sites.
  • PayPal (or alternative) to gather campaign donations.
  • Petition. An ongoing text of support for A2K. To build email list and deliver 'pressure' at key points in IP negotiations.


  • Use free software (duh!)
  • AV materials hosted on archive.org / ourmedia / commonbits (free!)
  • open publishing principle: for gathering submissions to contests, reports from local actions, etc.
  • internationalization of all materials
  • compliance w/ standards for blind and hearing impaired.

Outreach strategies for:

  • Tunis WSIS
  • World Social Forum and country/regional forums.
  • student outreach (materials for colleges and high schools)
  • 2006 USC conference
  • coordinated global day of action
  • creative public action ideas
  • open publishing of reportbacks on actions.

Internal campaign communication

  • tools for internal campaign communication including: transmail (autotranslation for mailing lists developed by CoopdelSur); chat room coordination (see irc.indymedia.org); regular int'l audio/videoconference (skype/iChat), wiki for transparency (meeting minutes, materials for translation, etc.)
  • existing email list (A2K)
  • wiki, with point person/people responsible for pulling comments from list and entering on wiki
  • Drafting Committee, transparent, public, delegates by region/consituency, selection process? W/ultimate power where... 'general public?' steering committee? delegates from organizations?
  • 1.0 text: london meeting
  • 2.0 text: incorporates comments post london, will be made concrete and presented where? Needs to be translated and circulated very widely.
  • 3.0 text: incorporates all comments to 2.0, to be presented for final round of comments (to WSF process?)
  • Final text: incorporates all comments to 3.0. Translated and circulated widely for sign ons both individual, organizational, governments.

random notes to be categorized

  • jamie likes the web banner campaign concept.
  • wants logo competition

Questions for CPTech / A2K organizers:

  • How tightly do you want A2K to be focused on the treaty process? Versus general education, other related legal processes, etc. Is an A2K coalition built primarily to push the treaty, or to push for the treaty's goals in more than one venue?

community building:

  • how important is it to this project?
  • in developing an A2K community, what do you want that community to do?
  • who do you anticipate would make up that community?
  • what needs/desires do potential community members have?

A2K WEBSITE Web development notes for the A2K site are here: A2KDev



  • June 15: start work, begin consult on campaign needs w/existing A2K community, elaborate workplan, more detailed calendar.
  • July 1: tech tool review to meet expressed campaign needs and priorities. begin building website w/selected tools.
  • August 1: beta version of site ready for feedback from existing A2K community.
  • September 1: site goes public w/high profile event. For example, launch w/announcement of thought thieves (or other A2K themed) shorts contest.

A2K logo ideas

simple icons to represent each branch of knowledge A2K will give access to.

  • pharma - pill
  • ag - seed, plant, or flower
  • software - string of binary code
  • music (av material) - soundwave
  • etc.

represent chain of human knowledge production - building on the past

  • a spiral?
  • pyramid? but that would need an apex.
  • circle of people all transmitting to each other?