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If you plan to attend this meeting, please RSVP here! Please list your chapter, and link to your userpage on the wiki if you like.


Big questions

  • What tools do we need to work online most effectively (internal communication/collaboration, external communication)?
    • How can we best coordinate the work of many volunteers?
      • Improve recruitment: easy to get involved
      • Improve retention: don't drive volunteers away
      • Improve efficacy: get stuff done & don't duplicate effort
    • How can we most easily get the right information to the people who need it?
    • How can we make sure the critical tasks never slip through the cracks?
    • How can we provide useful resources to our chapters?
    • How can we effectively & professionally communicate with the public?


  • How we use the wiki
    • Semantic MediaWiki
  • Single login / OpenID
  • How we use Launchpad
    • Should we use Answers ("this project officially uses Launchpad for community support")?
    • Should we use Translations ("this application officially uses Launchpad for upstream translation")?
      • This means translations of human languages (cf. "localization"), right?
    • Should we use an IRC bot for reporting bug status from Launchpad? (Launchpad bug)
      • If so, do we use a different IRC channel, or #freeculture? (see below, "How we use IRC")
    • Should we use mentoring?
    • Should we use tags?
    • Should we use series (e.g. "stable" and "unstable")? (see below, "Live beta site / SVN")
    • Should we use milestones?
  • How we use IRC
    • Should we only have one channel, or multiple channels (e.g. for teams, for chapters)?
      • See above, "Do we use a different IRC channel for the Web Team?"
    • Should our channel name be #freeculture, or, or something else?
  • Live beta site / SVN
    • We should force all changes to go through SVN (Launchpad bug)
      • This will prevent the site from breaking; more accurately, this will make it much easier to rollback changes when the site breaks, and track changes to see what broke
    • We should have a live beta site for testing changes as they're made (Launchpad bug)
      • This way, the site won't break when we're fixing things
      • A change made on the live beta site could be marked "Fix committed" on Launchpad; a change committed to the live non-beta site (through SVN) could be marked "Fix released"
      • See above, "Do we use series on Launchpad (e.g. 'stable' and 'unstable')?"
  • Calendars
    • For meetings, teams, deadlines, etc. (Launchpad bug)
      • Auto-import date of next x meeting
        • e.g. on the Contact page: It'd be awesome to say, "Come to our next volunteer meeting, which is scheduled for YYYY-MM-DD"
    • For coordinating personal schedules (Launchpad bug)
  • Mailing lists
    • meta-lists: One list posts to another list
      • e.g. New posts on the blog are automatically also sent to the discuss list
        • Incidentally, should we have posts to the blog go out to any other lists, e.g. chapters or volunteers?
      • e.g. In the past, when we used the announce list, we considered whether to have posts automatically sent to the discuss list
    • Front-ends
      • Another way to make sure the message gets out, rather than meta-lists, is to use front-ends to subscribe people to our mailing lists, which can direct them to subscribe to other lists (or can automatically subscribe them) in addition
  • Regional communication
    • Mailing lists?
    • Web calendars?
  • Internal communication
    • Newsletter(s)? (Weekly, monthly, quarterly, semi-annual, annual? Email, blog/RSS, print/mail?)
  • SSH
    • Is it a good idea to let people log into SSH without requiring a password? Where the physical device has been compromised (e.g. by intoxication, roommates), a password is a practical barrier to people accidentally deleting our entire Web site.