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Rename this page to YYYY-MM-DD when we schedule the meeting. Thanks!


If you plan to attend this meeting, please RSVP here! Please list your chapter, and link to your userpage on the wiki if you like.


  • Single login / OpenID
  • How we use Launchpad
    • Should we use Answers ("this project officially uses Launchpad for community support")?
    • Should we use Translations ("this application officially uses Launchpad for upstream translation")?
      • This means translations of human languages (cf. "localization"), right?
    • Should we use an IRC bot for reporting bug status from Launchpad? (Launchpad bug)
      • If so, do we use a different IRC channel, or #freeculture? (see below, "How we use IRC")
    • Should we use mentoring?
    • Should we use tags?
    • Should we use series (e.g. "stable" and "unstable")? (see below, "Live beta site / SVN")
    • Should we use milestones?
  • How we use IRC
    • Should we only have one channel, or multiple channels (e.g. for teams, for chapters)?
      • See above, "Do we use a different IRC channel for the Web Team?"
    • Should our channel name be #freeculture, or, or something else?
  • Live beta site / SVN
    • We should force all changes to go through SVN (Launchpad bug)
      • This will prevent the site from breaking; more accurately, this will make it much easier to rollback changes when the site breaks, and track changes to see what broke
    • We should have a live beta site for testing changes as they're made (Launchpad bug)
      • This way, the site won't break when we're fixing things
      • A change made on the live beta site could be marked "Fix committed" on Launchpad; a change committed to the live non-beta site (through SVN) could be marked "Fix released"
      • See above, "Do we use series on Launchpad (e.g. 'stable' and 'unstable')?"
  • Calendars
    • For meetings, teams, deadlines, etc. (Launchpad bug)
      • Auto-import date of next x meeting
        • e.g. on the Contact page: It'd be awesome to say, "Come to our next volunteer meeting, which is scheduled for YYYY-MM-DD"
    • For coordinating personal schedules (Launchpad bug)
  • Mailing lists
    • meta-lists: One list posts to another list
      • e.g. New posts on the blog are automatically also sent to the discuss list
      • e.g. In the past, when we used the announce list, we considered whether to have posts automatically sent to the discuss list
    • Front-ends
      • Another way to make sure the message gets out, rather than meta-lists, is to use front-ends to subscribe people to our mailing lists, which can direct them to subscribe to other lists (or can automatically subscribe them) in addition
  • Regional communication
    • Mailing lists?
    • Web calendars?