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Rename this page to YYYY-MM-DD when we schedule the meeting. Thanks!

Things to discuss:

  • Single login / OpenID
  • How we use Launchpad
    • Do we use Answers ("this project officially uses Launchpad for community support")?
    • Do we use Translations ("this application officially uses Launchpad for upstream translation")?
      • This means translations of human languages (cf. "localization"), right?
    • Do we use an IRC bot for reporting bug status from Launchpad? (Launchpad bug)
      • If so, do we use a different IRC channel, or #freeculture? (see below, "How we use IRC")
    • Do we use mentoring?
    • Do we use tags?
    • Do we use series (e.g. "stable" and "unstable")? (see below, "Live beta site / SVN")
  • How we use IRC
    • Should we only have one channel, or multiple channels (e.g. for teams, for chapters)?
      • See above, "Do we use a different IRC channel for the Web Team?"
    • Should our channel name be #freeculture, or, or something else?
  • Live beta site / SVN
    • We should force all changes to go through SVN (Launchpad bug)
      • This will prevent the site from breaking; more accurately, this will make it much easier to rollback changes when the site breaks, and track changes to see what broke
    • We should have a live beta site for testing changes as they're made
      • This way, the site won't break when we're fixing things
      • A change made on the live beta site could be marked "Fix committed" on Launchpad; a change committed to the live non-beta site (through SVN) could be marked "Fix released"
      • See above, "Do we use series on Launchpad (e.g. 'stable' and 'unstable')?"