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Minutes will go here.
Log available at [[2007-07-15/log]]

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This is a chapters meeting to organize both our chapters and the (inter)national organization for the upcoming fall semester.


If you think you can make it to this meeting, please RSVP here! Please list your chapter, and link to your userpage on the wiki if you like.

Planning to attend

  • Nelson Pavlosky, George Mason Law / Swarthmore College alumnus
  • Gavin Baker, University of Florida / alumnus
  • Fred Benenson, New York University
  • Nicholas L., Swarthmore College
  • Ben M., Swarthmore College
  • Parker P., Chadwick School
  • Nile / John Li, University of Florida (hi mom!)
  • Dave Riordan
  • Christina, Brown University
  • Brian Rowe, Seattle University (most likely attending)
  • Asheeesh Laroia, very likely attending
  • .hj barraza, Monterrey Tech - Mexico
  • Andy Scudder, University of Evansville
  • Conley, Virginia Tech

Unable to attend

  • Kevin, Georgetown University (Out of the country from July 14th-26th)


We have a lot to cover, so we won't be going very in-depth on most subjects; instead, we'll introduce the topic and direct interested individuals to the appropriate place. Feel free to ask a question at any time, but we will need to stay on topic and move through the agenda; further discussion can take place on the wiki, mailing lists, or IRC channel, or at future meetings.

Update chapter roster & contacts

We need to figure out (1) which of our chapters will still be around next semester, and (2) who will serve as the contact for the national org. Many of our chapter contacts are graduating, so they either need to give us a new contact for their chapter, or confirm that their chapter is shutting down. We will have an official, automated way to do this through our website within the next few weeks, but for now we can just take an unofficial headcount.

How FreeCulture.org can help chapters

Inform chapters of resources available and ask where help is needed.

FreeCulture.org can offer chapters:

  • A subdomain (yourschool.freeculture.org) to redirect to your chapter's Web site, blog, or wiki
  • Wiki hosting for your chapter
  • Mailing list(s) for your chapter
  • Swag shipped to your chapter
  • Advice and witty banter from FreeCulture.org chapters and friends

In the future, FreeCulture.org will be able to offer chapters:

  • Blog hosting
  • Single login across FC.o-hosted wikis and blogs
    • Is this correct? --Gavin 17:10, 12 July 2007 (JST)
    • Yes, we hope. We're planning on running an OpenID server which will be recognized by all of our web software, but this may require some serious hacking and will take some time to implement. --Nelson 21:14, 12 July 2007 (JST)
  • Shared address book
  • More and better swag shipped to your chapter

Where to go to get help and/or make friends:

News from FreeCulture.org

  • Potential projects
    • DMCA/P2P concerts with Digital Freedom Campaign
    • Net neutrality concerts with Future of Music Coalition
    • Opensearch
    • Swapnotes
    • Survey of U.S. Presidential candidates

Future of the organization

How to get involved with FreeCulture.org

  • Web Team
  • Volunteer meetings
  • Hang out on IRC


Log available at 2007-07-15/log