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Our first official board meeting in person!!!


Plans for the future... what do we want to accomplish this semester? How are we going to do it?

501(c)(3) status

    • This will not be completed this semester, because it takes at least 6 months after we submit the form for it to be approved.
    • Todo:Incorporation - has some steps toward 501(c)3
    • 2005-06-06 - conference call on 501(c)3 and stuff
    • Fred is going to consult laywers about this
  • Bylaws
    • Do we have members or not?
    • where do members come from? How are they defined? what are their privileges and responsibilities
    • do we have chapters? how are they defined? what are their privileges and responsibilities?
    • what is the board? how does it work? where does it come from?
    • how are the bylaws amended?
  • Activist Packet
    • Fred and Elizabeth will work on this
  • Business plan
    • Is this required for 501(c)3, and if so what are the requirements?
    • Who is working on fundraising for us?


  • What resources do we have for our chapters?
  • How do we deal with int'l chapters?
    • What legal and practical questions are there?

talking with people

  • other orgs
  • press and political community

Members / volunteers

  • How do we make it easy to work on the nat'l level? How can we get people to enjoy working with us?



  • We need to find out what the questions mean
  • Board needs to posit answers to the questions
  • Run answers by Core Team etc.
  • Then Nelson will draft the bylaws