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== Minutes ==
== Minutes ==
'''Attendance''': Karen, Nelson, Gavin
* Email forwarder
* Email forwarder
** Karen now has one at karen@freeculture.org
** Karen now has one at karen@freeculture.org

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Board of directors meeting on 2005-12-21.


(see 2005-12-18 board meeting agenda)


Attendance: Karen, Nelson, Gavin

  • Email forwarder
    • Karen now has one at karen@freeculture.org
  • Mission Statement:
    • Should incorporate the three Keystone ideas (see the second question) into a preamble of some sort
      1. We're specifically a student movement
      2. We have a strong presence on the local level
      3. We're trying to bring together PK, CC, EFF, etc into a coherent whole
    • What falls under it? What does it exclude? Testing
      • ie. One Laptop Per Child project--does this fall under the Mission Statement? Should it?
    • Uses language of "Intellectual Property"--may not be so good
    • Second principle--vague?
  • Values:
    • "Sustainability"?
      • Making sure works won't be lost if a proprietary format goes bottom-up. Protecting the public domain from being fenced off.
    • Add a paragraph explanation for each value
      • The more we specify it, the harder it may be for everyone to agree with it.
    • Do we need a values statement?
      • Developed through reverse engineering situations we care about -- ie. Dmitri Skylarov. The list may not feel very coherent as a result.
    • Lower priority than other documents--table it for now
  • Mission statement vs. Principles/ Policy paper
    • need mission statement for funding!
    • need legislative stuff for election cycle!
    • The mission statement's fine for now, but need a finalized version by end of term
    • Or by end of Harvard? How much work is it feasible to accomplish over break?
  • Poke at documents on wiki tonight--meet again tomorrow 11 AM EST