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===Next Meeting===
===Next Meeting===
*Friday, during the day, as an online chat
*Friday, during the day, as an online chat
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Board of directors meeting on 2005-12-18.


  • 5th member - Fred?
  • Choose a chair?
  • Tie-breaking mechanism?
  • Schedule future meetings (at least until board meeting at Harvard)
  • We should publically announce the new board on the blog
    • We should have short bios of each board member
    • Should we have freeculture.org email forwarders for each board member? Nelson, Gavin, and Elizabeth currently have these. Is our naming system (firstname@freeculture.org) sustainable?


Chatlog is also available on the discussion page.

Attendance: Nelson, Gavin, Fred, Karen, and Elizabeth

  • Fred, the 5th Member
    • The "problem"
      • Setting 'bad' precedent for adding members of the board after the application deadline
      • The time commitment may not be possible for Fred to make
      • Fred can't make the physical meeting at Harvard
    • The solution
      • Fred will be invited to come to all the chat or phone meetings of the board as a visitor through the month of January
      • If Fred can make it to the majority of those meetings, he will be added as a member of the board and therefore have voting status

Next Meeting

  • Friday, during the day, as an online chat