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  • Cereal Solidarity
  • Website
  • Shipping goodies to chapters
  • Libre Cultura -- potential web site for Spanish speakers at; see core list email


Gavin, Eldo, Nelson, Miles, Karen, Dan Corbett from Ohio, Erek


  • post list of unknowns - Karen
  • CC package emails - Karen
  • actual implementation of sending things--figure it out next conf. call

DMCA review

  • taking public input through December -- submit comments on problems!
  • contacted EFF, FSF, etc. -- waiting to hear back
  • write a blogpost about it - Dan Corbett
  • FC.o official comment?
  • doesn't begin until Nov. 2 -- but get to work before then

  • we should publicize it, blog it, but can we really contribute?
    • hard enough keeping our site running in English...
  • get contact info from head of Argentine CC

Cereal Solidarity

Miles is taking care of this

  • convert to CSS
  • modify UF handout/petition to make them national, add web address
    • handout: modify text for general usage
  • online petition -- open source script, another host?

Fixing the FC.o PHP stuff

  • Eldo and Joe from W&M will fix it this or next week