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Here be the record of another conference call.

14 August 2005, 3 p.m. EST



Please give us your:

  • Name, school, class year
  • One question that you'd like to ask about or starting/running a local chapter

Quick responses to each question, then moving on.

Week in review


  • What sort of events might our local chapters want to do next year? Brainstorm.
    • Jimbo Wales campus tour
    • Screenings of Thought Thieves contest winning films
    • Mixtrade (see proposal)
    • Speakers, discussion panels, debates, film screenings, lectures, concerts, reading circles, LAN parties, open source beer brewing parties, brown-bag lunches, listening parties, leafletting, public demonstrations, agit-prop street theater, revolutionary knitting circles...
    • Organize volunteers to work on free software, Wikipedia, Project Gutenberg / Distributed Proofreaders, etc.
    • Create content (and release it under a Creative Commons license) : produce a podcast or show on your campus radio station or low-power FM, film or photograph campus events and share the files online
    • Activism: meet with your Congressman; organize call-ins or letter-writing campaigns; circulate petitions; pressure your university or local community for change; etc.
    • see also Local projects
  • Do any of these events require national coordination?


Andy Scudder, Andy from Emerson, Rebekah Baglini, Becky, Karen from Scripps, Inga at NYU, Lori from MIT


  • Inga is a sophomore at NYU
    • Question: What evens are other chapters planning?
  • Andy is a Emerson
  • Question: Are there specific guidelines and expectations for groups?
    • Every group should be in contact with make conference calls regularly, respond to e-mails and mailing lists, and get people involved with
    • Each member should be added to your group's mailing list and the announce list.
    • We recommend that each group has a blog on campus webspace or otherwise (we can provide blogs if needed), a mailing list, and a wiki for meeting notes, etc.
    • We like to have information and documentation from your events!