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Conference call on 7 p.m. EST, 26 June 2005.


Wiki Procedures

The board requests that everyone who attends a conference call or wants to be involved with FC.o administration / decision-making:

  • Create an account on the wiki
  • Learn how the wiki works
  • Make a user page on the wiki
  • Keep a public to-do list

Hopefully this will have three effects:

  1. Centralize more information on the wiki
  2. Make the wiki less a ghetto (with many eyes, all ghettos are shallow)
  3. Make it easier to know who's doing what

Staff / titles

There was a discussion on the mailing list about people's titles / staff positions. We seemed to come to a tentative agreement, but it was a bit uneasy. Maybe we should just hold off on any titles or positions for now -- so there's no "executive director," no "treasurer," etc. People will continue to be responsible for whatever needs doing (somebody has to do it) but we'll wait to discuss officers / staff positions until after we talk about the board of directors.


The areas of FC.o's activities that we discussed last week:

  1. Providing resources to campus groups
  2. Outreach / recruiting
  3. Networking (among campus groups and with outside organizations)
  4. Activism / lobbying
  5. Research

Research was the least disccused, and the only activity that we haven't yet attempted. It also raised some doubts: How much do people trust paid research from a group with a stated, non-academic objective? Would sponsoring research be a better use of funds than sponsoring art or software?

So, I (Gavin) propose that we drop "Research" as a separate category. There's no reason that we couldn't do research, should the occasion arise, as part of providing resources (like EFF White Papers), networking (collaborating with outside groups on research), or lobbying (research targeted at decision-makers). By dropping it as a separate category, we retain the flexibility to do research if we want to, but we're not obligated to do it because it's in our mission statement.

My proposal for the official activities of FC.o, to be later expanded into a mission statement:

  1. Resources for students
  2. Outreach
  3. Networking
  4. Advocacy