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Conference call on 12 June 2005.


Week in review

  • conference call with lawyer
  • bank accounts
  • merchandise design & licensing
  • budget
  • AU grant app done
  • trademarking
  • domain names
  • org. structure, board of directors, bylaws

Org structure, etc.

We have to answer some basic questions to provide a framework for future discussion. I think we should try to answer the following questions either on this call, or within 2 days.

  • Are campus groups part of, Inc. or independent entities?
  • Are there "grown-ups" on the board of directors?
  • Are there alumni on the board? If so, are they "phased off" the board, or should there be seats for alumni who graduated long ago?
  • Do we keep a Core Team? If so, how is its role affected by the existance of a board of directors?
  • Do we have an advisory board?